We Tested Out Every Flirting Tips By Experts & This Is What Works

Would you ever be brave enough to pick-up random strangers and exchange numbers or social media accounts? Honestly, it can be really intimidating. But if you’re tired of swiping creeps on dating apps, the only other place for you to look for a bae is in real life!

Not sure how to get that cutie to notice you? Don’t worry because we tested out every single flirting tricks and tips given by relationship experts in Pillow Talk – We Tested Dating Advices By Love Experts IRL. You can watch the full video below.

Here are three ways for you to spark that conversation that pretty much works – Don’t believe, PM Andrea yourself!

1. Talk about the surrounding/event 

It’s always a good conversation starter! For example, if it’s a food event, you can ask, “Hey, what’s good to grab here?” or “That looks really good, where did you get that from?”

2. Give compliments

Now that you got their attention, give them a compliment. We love it when someone compliments us, so do the same to others. Besides, they’ll drop their guard down and will most likely continue the conversation with you. Compliments like, “Nice shirt” or “You have a really nice smile” can make someone else’s day!

3. Find similarities 

Keep the conversation going by talking about something you both have in common. If you have a tattoo and the person you’ve just met has one too, point out their cool tat! You can ask, “Cool tattoo, where did you get it done?” Then point out your tattoo too!

Once you’ve completed these 3 steps, casual introduce yourself and let them know how much you’ve enjoyed their company that you’d like to keep in touch/grab drinks sometime. We know easier, said than done but if Andrea can do it, so can you!

Watch how Andrea did the impossible, right here.