We Know Exactly Why You Can’t Poop During Vacations

Have you always wondered why you have a problem pooping when you’re on a vacation? This can be a huge problem especially when you’re ready to show off that beach bod but you’re bloated AF because you can’t poop!

It’s totally normal and a lot of us go through this torturous moment. So why exactly are we experiencing a hard time doing “business” when we’re on a holiday?

1. The food you eat during vacations 

Woman Eating Pizza

We’re on holiday in a reign country. Of course, we’re going to binge on the delicious food that the country has to offer! If you’re feasting on street foods, be careful of the food preparation and what contains in the dish. Your body may be intolerant to the food ingredients!

2. Your biological clock may be out of sync

Woman Sleeping

We have a certain routine that we follow through in our daily life. When we’re out on a relaxing vacation, our routine changes. You may be jet-lagged or staying in bed late, hence, you’ll have problems like constipation!

3. You could be dehydrated 

group of people tossing wine glass

Constipation can happen when your body is dehydrated. Party nights that includes lots of alcohol or not drinking enough of water when you’re in a long flight because you don’t want to constantly use the lavatory. Remember to refuel your body with good ol’ water!

4. The anxiety of being in a new place 

woman wearing white dress sitting near water fountain

Oh yeah, the anxiety of using unfamiliar places is real! For some of us, we can only poop comfortably when we’re using our own toilet bowl. Your butt just knows that it’s not the same toilet bowl back home!

5. Stress from travelling 

person looking at white building

Yes, time for you to relax and unwind. But before you can go on a #vacationmode, you’d have to travel! Let’s be real, travelling can also be very stressful. For example, difficult-to-wrangle travel companions and unexpected delays. This can create digestive difficulties and upset stomachs!