We Dare You To Guess The Ages of These 10 Celebrities

After Vera Wang stunned us with her youthful looks at the age of 70 ( mah gurl was born in 1949?! We need her secrets!!), it left us wondering… who else has aged as gracefully as she has? Who have we naturally grown up with without realising that they’ve aged just like we have?


We dare you to guess the ages of these celebrities along with us! Scroll slowly, take a guess and keep on scrolling to see if you’re right (and which stars were born in the same year!).




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Birthday: December 26, 1971

Jared Leto, Snoop Dogg, Elon Musk and Jeremy Renner are the same age…49. Let that sink in.





Birthday: August 14, 1966

How has the time passed so quickly that Halle Berry is actually 54?! Other notable celebs born in 1966 are Gordon Ramsey, Mike Tyson and Helena Bonham Carter.





Birthday: April 23, 1967

The stunning lead actress from the recent smash hit “The World of The Married” is 53 this year! Other celebrities born in this year are Vin Diesel, Julia Roberts and Pamela Anderson.





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Birthday: May 16, 1990

From Game of Thrones to The Maze Runner, this baby faced actor is actually 30. He shares the same birth year as Soulja Boy, Iggy and Machine Gun Kelly.






Birthday: July 10, 1972

Not only this gorgeous Colombian-American an actress she is also a television producer, presenter and model. Vergara is 48 this year?! How even…. Vergara was 2019’s highest-paid TV actress in the world Vergara shares the same birth year as Eminem, “Dwayne The Rock” Johnson and Gwyneth Paltrow.





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내가 새벽에 불 다 꺼놓고 혼자 공포영화 보는게 취미일 정도로 귀신, 사람 등등 갑툭튀에 안놀라는 사람인데.. <부부의 세계> 이건 뭔가 지금까지 겪어보지 못한 무서움이다..🤵👰 . . 헐 대박!! 3화보면서 글 쓰고 있는데 여다경 지금 OOOO!!(스포일러 방지) 여다경 미쳤다! 돌았다! . . 진짜 <부부의 세계> 매 회 볼 때마다 무서워서 심장이 쫄깃해지고 손바닥에 땀 나는데 그 손을 아무데나 닦으면 또 안되잖아요. 요즘같이 특히 청결에 신경 써야할 때는 역시!! '휘아' 손 세정제 '손 닿기 전에' 만한 것이 없겠죠?🤗 다들 '휘아' 로 청결하고 건강한 하루 보내세요👋👋 . . #부부의세계 #휘아 #WHIA

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Birthday: July 10, 1983

Maybe the secret of youth is to be a part of one of the most famous K-Pop boy groups in history? Kim Hee Chul is 37 this year! He is a member of Super Junior, and he shares the same birth year as Chris Hemsworth, Mithra of Epik High and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino).






Birthday: October 3, 1969

This talented, award-winning singer is 51 years old and doesn’t look a day over “Hollaback Girl”. But – it seems like 1969 was a magical year because Stefani is basically ageless alongside J-Lo, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.





Birthday: April 5, 1973

Maybe being “Happy” is the secret to his youthful looks? Either that or… the hats? Well, 47-year-old Pharrell joins the likes of  Akon, David Blaine and Jim Parsons as a 1973 baby.





Birthday: March 22, 1931

“Stunned”? We are too! Captain Kirk himself is 89 this year! Other legends born in the same year are the late James Dean and Muhammad Ali.





Birthday: November 29, 1977

All that jumping, twisting, turning, fighting bad guys – at the age of 43? The Black Panther star looks not a day over 30 despite being born in the year 1977, alongside Gerard Way (MCR), John Cena and Kanye West.




And I oop!

How many of these celebs ages did you get right? Let us know! Or, let us know who else has surprised you with their actual age!