5 Hacks To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

It’s getting hot in here. While we’re all slathering on sunblock and shielding our eyes from UV rays with sunglasses, what’s gonna stop the heat from damaging your hair? No amount of deep-conditioning will save your hair from split-ends and frizziness.

UV rays can penetrate into your hair cuticles and make it appear dry or frayed – which we can all agree, is not a good look. It gets pretty difficult for your hair to retain moisture when it constantly gets beaten down by the heat.

Also, your hair’s more susceptible to sun damage if it has been bleached or dyed a lighter colour. Read on to find out how you can shield your luscious locks from the sun.

1. Cover your roots with UV-based translucent powder

If you didn’t know it yet, sunscreen is available in powder form too. These translucent powders are made from titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide – the very same ingredients that make traditional sunscreen lotion. You can find these at the nearest Sephora outlet (or order online so you won’t have to go outside). Simply use a flat brush and apply the translucent powder onto your roots and blend it out evenly ‘til it sets into your hair. Now your roots, a.k.a. the most crucial part of your hair is nicely protected from sun damage.

2. Apply hair products with sun protection features

Now that you’ve covered your roots, you can focus on the rest of your hair. Hair products with sun protection features do exist – as a hair serum, hair cream or hair mists. They prevent your hair from excessive sun damage which may cause breakage or unwanted split ends. Simply search for a description of “sun protection” on the label. Apply the product onto damp hair after.er washing and use a brush to distribute evenly.

3. Wear a hat or shield yourself with an umbrella

When we say “wear a hat,” we mean a wide-brimmed sun hat, as opposed to a regular baseball cap. A sun hat will protect most of your hair from the sun, whilst keeping your summer outfit looking chic and stylish. If you’re not a fan of hats, use an umbrella to protect your hair (and skin) from sun damage. Plus, it’ll create a shade to keep you cool even if you ever need to walk from one air-conditioned place to another. Honestly, sun protection never goes out of style.

4. Use hair conditioner or dry shampoo

Whether you choose to use hair conditioner or dry shampoo really depends on how your hair is faring in the heat. If your hair appears dry, apply conditioner onto your hair (yes, during the day) and tie it up into two little buns. The hair conditioner will protect your hair from sun damage and provide you with a much needed deep-conditioning treatment at the same time. If your hair gets greasy, you can opt for dry shampoo to absorb the excess oils. Dry shampoo will also act as a barrier between your hair and the sun, thus making it harder for UV rays to penetrate into your hair. Hello, luscious locks!

5. Prevent further sun damage with a weekly hair mask

Treat yourself to a weekly hair mask to prevent further sun damage to your hair. Like most hair treatments, a hair mask can nourish your hair with much-needed minerals and ingredients after such a long week under the sun. Simply apply the hair mask evenly onto damp hair and leave it on for 30 minutes to absorb all the goodness. Rinse off and voila – say hello to healthy hair!