5 Ways To Enjoy The “Cold” Weather RN

Baby, it’s cold outside.

And it’s even colder inside too, especially for those of us who work in offices with freezing air-conditioners. Why does it have to be so cold? Anyway, in Malaysia, it’s either too hot or too cold and these December days, it’s the latter.

With outside temperatures falling to 23 degrees Celcius, we’re letting you in on five ways to enjoy this Christmas weather.

Disclaimer: It would be ironic if you read this on a hot, sunny day.

1. A warm beverage

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hot cocoa is my all time favorite warm drink☕️

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Whether you’re a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pumpkin spiced latte or Milo person, the best time to enjoy a hot beverage is now. Especially so, if you’ve been craving it for a while and the equator weather simply didn’t permit. Mmm… a warm cuppa.

2. Dress up!

Ladies, it’s time to dress up in something more than just loose tops and shorts. Bring out your leggings, boots and outerwear for gorgeous, Insta-worthy OOTDs. You probably have a lot of “warm” clothes sitting in your wardrobe, just waiting for the right day. What are you waiting for?

3. Dance!

Move it, people, it’s time to shake that booty. When it’s cold out, the one foolproof way to warm yourselves up is to get moving. You can either go out clubbing for ladies night with your girlfriends and start boppin’ or take up some dance classes. It’s cold, but not too cold that we can’t have a great night out.

4. Eat the “heaty” stuff

Our moms probably know the best about what’s hot in the world of “heaty” but we can tell you some things about it too. “Heaty” foods are certain types of foods like ginger, potato chips, mangoes, garlic, chocolate and curry that bring heat to the body. So, we’d guess now’s the best time to be having some of our favourite “heaty” stuff in moderation.

5. Snuggle up

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Got a partner? Lucky you. Snuggle up with your partner under the blanket and try to warm each other up, which is lovely to do when it’s raining outside. At least you both won’t have to push each other way because it’s too warm.