4 Ways To Cure Your Hangover ASAP After A Wild Night Out

Who says no to wild night out you can barely remember?

Yep, nobody, but we’re not too fond of the pounding headache a.k.a. the hangover that’s bound to happen the next day.

We’ve found 4 ways to cure your hangover ASAP, just in case you need it!

1. Eat proper breakfast

Low blood sugar is often associated with a hangover, so if you’re capable, order a hearty breakfast of protein, vegetables and carbs. A varied, nutritious (and yummy!) breakfast could give you the energy boost you need, and cure your hangover.

2. Drink lots of water

Alcohol causes dehydration, so you’ll need to rehydrate your body by drinking lots of water. It can help flush the remnants of alcohol out from your body and wake you up from the hangover state. You can also drink water infused with lemon.

3. Make a green smoothie

Source: Pinterest

Fresh fruits, vegetables and greens can help replenish the vitamins and minerals lost the day before. A green smoothie is an easy cure to make, even when battling a hangover. Just throw some ice, spinach, chopped apples, bananas, cucumbers, and anything else you fancy into a blender and voila, you’ve got your cure.

4. Exercise

After getting hydrated, sweating it out would help with your hangover. You’ll want to do something like cardio, or hot yoga, as long as it gets you sweating and expelling the toxins from last night’s alcohol consumption.