3 Tips To Avoid Drama At A Toxic Workplace

One-third of your life is spent at work, so we’re always hoping for the best work benefits and environment that’s realistically possible.

Unfortunately, oftentimes, you can’t tell whether a workplace is toxic or not until you begin working there.

If you happen to be stuck in a toxic workplace for a while, here are 3 tips to help you thrive and avoid the drama.

1. Determine your social media boundaries

First thing’s first, determine your social media boundaries. Your co-workers will probably want to add you on all sorts of social media channels, but if you’re not into that, don’t make exceptions. Otherwise, use the “close friends” feature on Instagram to your advantage, and share personal stuff to your “close friends” only.

2. Be friendly, but don’t be friends

Work can be fantastic, and you can probably make lovely friends, but a toxic work environment may not be the best place to make friends. Still, it helps to be friendly with your co-workers, and the lady from HR. Go out for drinks with your work pals but make it a point to have your own life during the weekend. Make small talk, find similarities and try to find just some positives at your workplace. Get work done, and get home. That’s all you need to do.

3. Do not participate in gossip

It’s hard to not be the Gretchen Wieners of the group, but it’s even more important to remember that what you say would probably come back to you, full circle. Keep in mind that if your co-workers are willing to gossip with you, they’re probably even more eager to gossip about you behind your back. Don’t participate in anything that you deem “toxic” so you don’t stoop to that level.