Wash Your Hair With Warm Water Then Rinse With Cold Water For Gorgeous Hair

We wash our hair all the time. Our entire life actually. But why isn’t our hair as gorgeous and smooth as when we do our hair at the salon? Turns out there’s a right way to wash our locks. Funny how, we’ve been doing this for years can actually be so wrong!

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It’s not only the type of shampoo or the way we blow dry our hair that makes our frizzy. It’s how we wash and rinse! Here’s the optimal way for you to wash your hair for healthy, bouncy hair.

1. Brush your hair before the wash 

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How many of us are guilty of untying our buns before hopping into the shower? But here’s what you should do, brush your hair first before shower as it helps to loosen dirt, remove stray hairs and untangle knots.

2. Wash your hair with lukewarm water

Too hot and it will open the hair cuticle. This then loses your keratin proteins, hair colour (if you’ve dyed it) and natural moisturising factors. Basically, your hair loses it strength too!

3. Always shampoo twice 

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The first round of shampoo is to remove dirt, pollution and residue while the second shampoo is to add shine and gloss.

4. Never apply conditioner to your roots 

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Conditioner is made for the drier areas of our hair and it starts in the hair mid-lengths – not the roots. Applying conditioner to your roots will only weigh your hair down and removes your hair’s natural volume. Used conditioner the right way and it’ll make all the difference to your hair.

5. Finish it off with cool water

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The final trick to rinse your hair with cool water. Not only does it feel exhilarating, stimulates blood circulation but seals the hair cuticle, leaving your hair extra smooth and shiny. Voilà… Your now looks like it just got freshly done at a salon!