Want To Do Your Own Makeup For Your Wedding? Huda Kattan’s Got You

As brides, we want to look the best on our wedding day. Some would resort to the services of makeup artists but others, trust themselves to DIY. Who else to do a makeup look that suits your face other than yourself?

But if you’re a makeup noob, don’t worry Huda Kattan, founder and CEO of Huda Beauty is here to guide you. YAS, PLEASE!

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In one of her Facebook Watch – Huda Boss series, she surprised Basma, a bride-to-be who wants to do her own makeup for the big day. The tutorial is all about achieving the smoky, pinkish bride look, which is perfect for Basma. Now she’s going to look super stunning with the help from Huda!

Step 1: Deposit colour to the outer corner and blend 

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Take the lightest shade and pack it on the outer corner of your eyes and blend. The key here to build and blend. Remember to tap off the excess pigments on the brush!

Step 2: Outline the shape you want to create 

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Using your brush, carefully outline the shape of your eyes. Don’t forget to outline underneath the brows too because it makes a whole difference. Huda says, “It’s a really beautiful place that a lot of people neglect.”

Step 3: Deposit a darker colour in the middle of all the shadow 

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Apply a darker shade in the middle of all the shadow. Huda explains, “Before when we took the lighter shadow, we went bigger and higher/lower. But with (darker shadow) you want to be a little more specific on the exact shape that you want.” Then take your blending brush to blend the shadows.

Step 4: Swipe glitter from the center to the outside of the lid 

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Choose your favourite glitter and using your finger, swipe the glitter from center to outwards. Huda advises using your finger when working with glitter instead of brushes, saying, “It causes a lot of fallout.”

Step 5: Add more of the darker shade at the corner of the lid 

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For a sultry appearance, pack more of the darker shade to the corner of your eyes. “It’s going to make you look like you’re going to seduce somebody!” Huda cheekily tells. If you’re not sure which part of the corner lid you should shade, it’s the last 1/3 of your eye.

Step 6: Deposit a lighter shade underneath your lash line

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Take the lighter shade of your shadows and apply it along your lower lash line. “It makes the eye area look bigger but if you want to go for a lifted look, then don’t apply anything underneath,” says Huda.

Step 7: Apply shimmer to the inner corner of your eye 

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Huda says, “Draw literally like a centimeter long!” Not that anybody’s measuring… But yea, just for that little shimmer.

Step 8: Glue on some fluffy, eyelashes

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Huda advises brides to wear falsies because it’ll make the eyes look intense, sexy and it’ll make the eyes appear bigger. But, of course!

BTW, Basma looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day!

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Now you know what it takes to get the perfect, bride eye makeup for your special day! You can watch Huda’s full tutorial right here.

S2: Get Glam For Your Wedding Day

Each week Huda will be giving makeup tips to a lucky Huda Boss Official Group member. This week features Basma from Egypt who is almost ready to walk down the aisle, but she needs Huda's help to create the most beautiful bridal look.

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