Want Closure From Your Ex? Have Breakup Sex

You’ve heard it, some people break up a relationship, only to hook up afterwards.

Like, what gives? Well, apparently, breakup sex can give you closure after a relationship is over. It can confirm that the relationship is indeed, over, and give you the strength to move on.

So, if you’re thinking about it, maybe you should do it anyway so you’ll have no regrets. Read this before you proceed to sleep with your ex, one last time.

Breakup sex can give you closure after a relationship ends

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According to Women’s Health Magazine, breakup sex can give you closure to let you know that the spark is gone. Breakup sex serves to tell you that your relationship with this guy is really over. Breakup sex for closure is especially important for women who are more emotionally attached to their partners. If you’re feeling empty after the breakup sex, be honest with yourself and end this relationship on your own terms.

Breakup sex can also be really hot

Heightened tension and antagonism, especially with an ex, can make your levels of pleasure skyrocket. Plus, it feels like something that should be off-limits. Breaking up doesn’t make your feelings for each other disappear, you could still be part of a lonely transaction and having someone familiar to be intimate with can be such a comfort. Maybe that’s why exes can’t keep their hands off each other.

But beware…

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… the hormones released during sex are associated with physical attachment and intimacy. It may make you feel loved, in which you’ll feel betrayed in the end because it’s breakup sex after all. You may feel a sense of desperation that brings you closer to your ex, which may leave you with more questions than answers. When it comes to breakup sex, f*ck at your own risk.