“Wait, Is He Flirting?” — 6 Signs He’s Into You

Some people are naturally flirty, others are closed books – how can you tell if their attention means that they’re interested in you? Having guys listen to you as you speak isn’t enough anymore – heck, what if they’re just nice? Attention doesn’t always mean that they’re interested! So… when does his attention mean that he’s flirting with you?


He asks you questions.

It’s natural for someone who likes you to ask you questions to get to know you. From simple questions like what your favourite colour is to what your childhood was like, the subject doesn’t matter to someone who likes you. That’s because as long as he likes you, he’d want to get to know anything about you. They don’t let the conversation fizzle out but picking up on every opportunity, no matter how small, to find out more about you. Most of the time, if someone is not interested, the person will only talk about themselves. But it’s important to take it slow and not share anything tooooo private and personal in the initial stages of your relationship.



He shares stories about himself.

In the same way that he wants to get to know you, a guy that is interested in you will want to open up to you too. Often, it’s difficult for guys to be vulnerable and him talking to you about himself is a sign that he’s willing to be vulnerable with you. Why? Because he likes you!  Use this opportunity to get to know him better and lend him a willing ear.



He is consistent but still gives you space.

Now, this is a tricky one to navigate. There’s persistency, consistency and then there’s space.

A guy that is too persistent may not be authentic or genuine. However, a guy who takes the time to ask you about your day and check-in with you every day is a guy that is looking to make you a part of his life. After all, his words and actions are proof that he cares – and who would spend that much time on the phone with you if he/she did not care. A consistent guy is also better than a persistent guy because it means that he’s okay with giving you space to respond and do your own thing without needing you to respond right away. He’s not the guy blowing up your phone for attention, he respects the fact that you have other things to do.



They’re always ready with a compliment.

You know how, as kids, we were told that if someone picks on you a lot, it’s a sign that that person is interested in you? Turns out, we don’t shake off that habit even as adults. Whether he chooses to jokingly pick on you or throw in a backhanded compliment (a comment that blurs the line between an insult and a compliment), it can be seen as a really awkward attempt at flirting. It’s a way for the person to test out how you respond to their jokes and to see how you gel with their sense of humour. Sure, it’s not the most mature way to flirt but it goes hand in hand with self-deprecating humour and is a way to bond over weaknesses.



And in real life…

He moves closer to you.

When we’re attracted to someone, we naturally feel a pull to be near them (if not next to them). Whether we notice or not, our bodies will gravitate towards the person we find attractive. Sometimes it can be as subtle as a tilt of the hips so you’re facing them or as obvious as a hand on your back. Little touches are a major giveaway so keep an eye out for him grazing your arm or placing his hand near yours. Also, look out for the way his body is positioned as he talks to you – are his feet pointed towards you? Is he leaning forward as he talks to you?



He laughs easily and smiles at you a lot.

Okay, so, some people may just be jovial and naturally easy-going but a guy who laughs at your jokes and makes eye contact as he’s smiling at you – is definitely into you. Especially if he’s giving you *that* smile – the indulgent, reading, ‘you are so cute’ smile. If you notice him smiling at you with a gleam in his eyes, there’s a really large chance he is interested in you. Not only that, if he holds eye contact as he’s smiling at you, but that’s also a surefire sign he’s interested. Alternately, they could be smiling at you, catch your eye, and nervously look away. But giggles, smiles and laughter are great indicators that they enjoy your company and thus – enjoy being with you.



With how modern dating and flirting has shifted online, it can be difficult to tell how sincere the person at the other end of the screen is. It’s easy for some people to fake it but if you see these signs, it’s more likely that the person you’re talking to really sees something in you that they like. However, the easiest way to find out? Just ask them. Don’t be afraid of rejection because the discomfort from that is more likely to go away faster than your uncertainty as to whether or not he likes you. If you don’t take risks, then you’ll never know right?





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