Vivy Yusof Under Fire For Plagiarising Design Of New Turban?

In today’s fashion news..

Vivy Yusof who is widely known as the founder of Fashion Valet, currently finds herself under the heat for dUck’s new turban collection! The new head wrap series which is simply labelled as “The Turban” was launched on 16 April (Tuesday) — boasting nine colours which range from lavender, deep blue, dusty orange and more.

However, shortly after announcing the release, another local entrepreneur Echenta (founder of turban brand called Ilham Echenta) claimed that Vivy has plagiarised her design. Ilham Echenta’s Instagram bio states that they are the “Pioneer of Instant Turban & Hijab (Since 2012)”, so we’re guessing that they’ve been around in the industry for quite some time.

Source: Echenta’s Instagram

Most of Echenta’s followers supported her statement, in which a user commented: “My first thoughts exactly when i saw the dUCk turban. I immediately thought of your turban”.

However, there are also those who don’t see a problem in the design and quickly came to Vivy’s defense.

Honestly.. we think that although they bear some similarities at the top, it’s really hard to say if dUck plagiarised Ilham Echenta’s design 100% since turbans tend to look alike due to their shape and structure. What matters is the way you style it, right?

On another note, it seems like it has not been a smooth week for Vivy Yusof as she found herself getting into another drama concerning the turban. People are critising the Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur for donning a turban instead of a normal headscarf that covers her neck.

Just go through her profile and you’ll find a lot of interesting feedback on the head wrap.

Source: Vivy Yusof’s Instagram

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