Victim-Blaming Again? It’s Not Our Clothes, It’s YOU

Another victim-blaming act has happened again. This time a post uploaded on Facebook by a local university in Kuala Lumpur. The caption, “How to dress appropriately to avoid being sexually harassed.”

The post which has since been deleted showed illustrations of women in hijab with explanations on why their outfits were deemed “inappropriate”.

Source: Twitter

The infographic enlists ‘tight clothing’, ‘wearing tudung above the chest level’, ‘exposed ankles’, ‘wearing bright lipsticks’ and ‘short blouses’ as clothing choices that could lead to sexual harassment.

This is definitely not the first victim-blame case yet it still happens again and again, no matter how much we educate society that it’s never the victim’s fault.

Receiving backlash, netizens were vocal in voicing out their opinion on this.

One can still be covered up and still get harassed! Nasuha on Twitter wrote, “Let me ask why they never put “GUYS” in this situation? To all the men out there, think before committing any wrongdoings.”

In light of this, a representative from the university’s student council issued an apology on Twitter, saying that the post was supposed to convey a different message.

In similar news, German-Vietnamese social media influencer, Jade-Anh Ngon was told to “cover up” during her recent visit to Malaysia.

In a private DM sent by a 17-year-old Malaysian celebrity, he tells Jade to stop posting cleavage posts if she wants to avoid pervs and stupid men.

She then expressed her disappointment over the Malaysian singer’s mentality of victim-blaming.

Unfortunately, she received some massive backlash for highlighting the DM sent.

Do you think Malaysians still need to be educated on the victim-blaming culture? Let us know what you think!