Vanilla Lilac Is the Latest Hair Colour Trend & We Need It Pronto

Brb, heading to the salon now… 

Thinking of a new hairdo to freshen up your look? Look no further because Vanilla Lilac hair is the latest ‘it’ hairdo that’s taking over the internet.

Created by Weber, co-founder of Vanilla Loft salon from North Vancouver, he revealed that he used a mix of bleach and lavender tones to create the uber cool look. The result — a magical mix of brunette roots fading to cinnamon and vanilla hues that changes to pastel lilac.  

It is absolutely gorgeous, and we want in!

The stylist continued, “if your hair is darker, I would recommend starting with a darker, in-between purple shade, then gradually working your way towards the pastel lilac to make sure your hair isn’t getting damaged.”

For those of you who want to hop on this new hair colour trend, you’ll be disappointed to discover that Weber’s salon is located all the way in Canada. But of course, you can always beg your favorite hair stylist to recreate this look.

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Pssst. Let’s start a new hair colour trend of our own. Possibly.. something that resembles ‘Kuih Lapis’? I’d be down for that!