Using Skimpy Clothing As Reason For Rape Is Bullsh*t

Before we start, no one deserves to be raped – no matter what’s the reason.

Yesterday, video of a middle aged woman went viral after she got confronted by a group of young ladies. The woman, Soma Chakrabarty, had allegedly asked several men in a restaurant in Haryana, India to rape these young ladies for wearing short clothes. Firstly, that’s rude and secondly, that doesn’t even make any sense!

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The video which has since been deleted on Facebook, was uploaded by Shivani Gupta. In the post, she said, “This middle aged woman you’ll see in the video addressed seven men at the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved it for wearing short clothes and bashing her unsolicited opinion.”

Instead of walking away, the ladies cornered Chakrabarty, giving her a chance to take back her rape comments to which she refused.

Source: Times of India

However, she issued an apology later on Facebook saying, “I extend an unconditional apology to all the girls. In hindsight, I realise, I was harsh and incorrect in my statement. If any, I should have offered my opinion in private. I was concerned, however, I realise that I should have been protective and progressive in my outlook and not conservative and regressive.”

At the time of writing, her account is no longer available on Facebook.

What is up with society associating rape with provocative clothes? 

Honestly, the way you dress doesn’t prevent you from getting sexually harassed. Even if you’re covered in hijab, you can still be a victim of sexual harassment

To make things clearer, this exhibition at the Centre Communautaire Maritime in Brussels totally proves that victim blaming is bullcrap!

You can still cover up and still be a victim of rape  

The exhibition called, “What were you wearing?” featured replicated clothing of items worn by real victims of sexual assault. Looking at the outfits displayed, it disproves the myth that provocative clothing incites rape.

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There were clothes such as pyjamas, tracksuits, even a child’s My Little Pony shirt – that alone shows the innocence of the victims.

Source: Facebook

The exhibition is a powerful testimony that their everyday clothing worn by sexual assault victims are irrelevant to them being victimized.

Hong Kong vs India 

While an article from Quartz India, titled “For more proof that men, not skirts, are the reason women are raped, look to Hong Kong”. The piece cleverly writes on how women get raped no matter how covered up they are. Using women in Hong Kong as an example :-

“Women in Hong Kong wear whatever they damn well please—from tap shorts and three inch heels to office to strappy tank tops and mini-jogging shorts to go sightseeing to cutoff jean shorts paired with Wellington boots when it rains. They travel on public transportation, slog away at corporate jobs, and go out at night in whatever they damn well please—and I’ve never seen a women being catcalled by a Hong Kong guy,” report Heather Timmons.

Hence, a woman’s clothing should not be justified as a reason for rape or sexual harassment.  No one deserves to go through the nightmare and the ones to blame are attackers/rapists.