This Skin Regimen Will Literally Reduce Mental Stress, But Can You Afford It?

Women are always obsessed with how our complexion looks like, and spotting blemishes on any part of the body, especially our face, is such a nightmare. We worry about things such as pimples, dark circles, wrinkles, life problems that are causing the pimples.. oh the list goes on!

It’s not like we don’t already have enough stress in our lives. However, more often than not, living in the fast-paced city compels us to sport those panda eyes on a daily basis as we often neglect our precious beauty sleep due to stress at work.

Cue in Skin Regimen, an Italian brand that describes itself as the new skincare approach for urban dwellers. All of the products in this range were designed to improve the mind-skin stress-response and counteract the effects of modern lifestyle. In turn, users can say goodbye to stress and welcome a healthier and youthful complexion.

You’ll be happy to find that it is free from synthetic fragrances, silicones, animal derivatives, artificial colorants, mineral oils as well as parabens. However, we should warn you to not freak out when you discover the cost of its Vitamin C booster!

Anti-Pollution Face Wash – RM 178

Source: Skin Regimen

Like any other cleanser, this product is designed to remove makeup and impurities, but interestingly, it also comes with a function to get rid of pollution residues. 

Being a person who has never tried a cleanser as expensive as this, I was surprised that my skin instantly tightened after cleansing — something that I’ve never experienced before with other products. The cleanser seem to work fast in unclogging pores as well as make my skin smoother and brighter, so I guess I’ll have to use them wisely to avoid unnecessary wastage. On top of that, the aroma is amazing too, as it has this earthy, woody scent that gave me a relaxing effect.

15.0 Vit C Booster – RM 488

Source: Skin Regimen

Another product from the Skin Regimen line that caught my attention is the 15.0 Vit C Booster. What intrigued me about it is the fact that this product comes with a pump solution and a sachet of vitamin C, which you should only mix in when you’re ready to use. Once mixed, you’ll have to consume within a month, as Vitamin C boosters have unstable molecules that oxidises after a certain period of time.

Using this product is good for the skin as it will stimulate the synthesis of collagen as well as reduce dullness. But.. would I purchase it? Perhaps. When someone is kind enough to donate me some $$$.

Source: Skin Regimen Instagram

All in all, we love that the items from this range have so many unique functions, but with the rising cost of living and monthly commitments, most women might find it a little hard to splurge on pricey, high-end skincare goods.

The price to pay for a youthful, pollution-free skin could go up to RM 1,482 ++ if you buy the full range. However, it kinda makes sense when you consider all the amazing benefits that comes along with its formula. Where else can you get a skincare product that has stress-relieving abilities? 

Visit Skin Regimen’s official website if you’d like to know more, or simply head over to its first retail counter in Asia which is located at 1Utama Shopping Mall.