3 Unorthodox Hacks To Increase Your Instagram Followers & Engagement

On Instagram, it’s a numbers game. Everyone knows the basic hacks – add hashtags to your posts, add post location and go on a like and comments spree #like4like #follow4follow.

What about other hacks that make you stand out and gain followers easily? Honestly, nobody wants to do that follow-unfollow thing, because it’s really mean. Looking at y’all, influencers.

You don’t need a gorgeous feed to impress your potential Instagram followers, although that’ll probably make a good first impression. Just follow these tried and tested hacks… at your own risk, of course.

1. ‘Advertise’ your Instagram profile on Tinder

You really shouldn’t do this, but you will anyway now that you know. First of all, create a Tinder profile and add your best photos on it. Then, add your Instagram @ into the bio, the one that describes you, but don’t imply anything. Don’t say “follow me” or “find me” because that could be counterproductive. Instead, just add your @ to the bio column and watch your Instagram followers grow day by day. You’ll need to keep swiping on Tinder though. Who knows – maybe your potential jodoh will follow you too.

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You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it 😻 Guess who is my #ootd inspo? 🤔 . #PussyInBoots #sugardaddy

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2. Add the hashtag #sugardaddy to your Instagram post

It was a happy accident when I discovered this hack. I hashtagged it because #sugardaddy was actually quite relevant to my original post. Then, even about a week after I posted, new comments, likes and followers kept popping up. It increased my post engagement by about 50% so don’t say I didn’t tell you this trick. The only downside is your comments section will probably look like this; “Hi. I’m searching for trustworthy sugarbabies based in KL. Will give an allowance of $600 a week.”

Don’t forget to remove the hashtag when you’re satisfied with the number of likes and comments!

3. Add the maximum amount of hashtags to your IG stories

You can add about 10 hashtags to your Instagram stories. However, you’ll need to avoid clogging your stories with hashtags, and thus overwhelming your followers. Pinch the hashtags ’til they’re really, really micro-sized and hide them behind a GIF or a description. Your stories will have the potential to appear in more than one of the ten hashtags’ explore page. This will give your stories more views, and hence more visits to your profile.

Let us know if you’ve tried these hacks! PS: We recently wrote a piece about micro influencers buying used Instagram accounts. Check it out, if you will.

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