5 Ultimate Hacks To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

Ladies, haven’t you wished for bigger breasts, at least once or twice in your life? Let’s admit it – most Asian girls aren’t blessed with Kim K.’s superior assets. We tend to fall on the smaller side, barely reaching the desired B cup years after we’ve outgrown our teen years. Strapless dresses? Don’t even think about it!

A survey by The Journal Of Female Health services showed that Malaysian women have the second smallest boobs in the world, and the study went as far to say that most Asian women have a ‘flat breast shape.’ Rude.

First of all, how dare they? Second of all, if it really is true, we’ll need some tips and tricks on how to make our little girls appear bigger Luckily, we’ve gathered a series of hacks for you. No surgery needed. We’ll make our real boobs werk.

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1. Work out with your boobs

You don’t literally have to move your tatas but there are exercises that can help make your breasts look perkier. To do this, you need to work out your upper pectoral muscles. Do push-ups, wall presses and lift dumbbells to work out your upper pecs. This can help your make your breasts protrude out more visibly.

2. Push-up bras

Push-up bras are such a lifesaver. All you have to do is wear them and they automatically lift your breasts up to make them look bigger and perkier. They can hurt a bit, if you’re not wearing one your size, so make sure you get fitted before you put on a push-up bra. If fact, try crossing the straps and use a safety pin to keep them in place. This will help give your breasts a more visible lift.

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3. Contouring

This takes some work but if you’re wearing a revealing dress and you’re going to slay the night anyway, why not? Contouring isn’t just for your face, you can contour your body too. Blend some bronzer into your cleavage, following the shape of your breasts. Then, highlight the tops of your breasts with shimmery highlight. Dust some bronzer onto your collarbones to accentuate them and draw attention to your chest area.

4. Birth control pills

One of our writers found that her formerly flat chest got upsized after taking birth control pills for a few months. This is because most birth control pills contain hormones like estrogen that will help increase the size of your breasts. Estrogen helps our breasts grow, but once they stop growing, your chest stays like that forever, unless you give yourself a bit of help. The best part? Once you stop taking the pills, your boobs remain the same size as after they grew. Awesome!

5. Add the right type of protein to your diet

Some protein-based foods are also rich in estrogen, which will can help make your breasts bigger, naturally. You can’t just expect results in one night though. You’ll probably notice a difference within a few months. Try eating lentils, chickpeas, dairy, wheat, carrots, oregano and barley to perk up your girlies.

No matter what’s your breast size, babes, you gotta love ’em. We may have the second smallest boobs in the world but hey, at least we can make them look bigger. If it makes you feel good, you’ll exude confidence as well. Tell us about you ta-ta tips in the comments below.