Uh-Oh! Tati Beauty’s “Blendiful” Is Getting A Lot Of Complaints

Tati Westbrook’s launches have always been highly-anticipated. Glamlifeguru was created 10 years ago, showcasing beauty tutorials and the creator’s calm, soothing voice.

The OG Beauty Guru released her brand Tati Beauty to the world last year, and Halo Beauty in 2018. Tati Beauty sold makeup products while Halo Beauty focused on selling vitamins.

Unfortunately, the YouTuber’s latest product, a reusable makeup puff named “Blendiful,” is getting a lot of heat, with many people stating that the makeup puffs rip off when being washed.

In the launch video published in January, Tati mentioned that she created Blendiful to fill a gap in the market between the pro makeup artists and consumers.

“This tool is such a necessary item to create a perfect canvas very quickly. It’s hygienic, you can wash it.”

Tati also explained that she washes her Blendiful in the washing machine.

“I will just pop these in a lingerie bag, and put it in the washer (washing machine), and *poof* done.”

Unfortunately, the product doesn’t seem to meet the claims for its customers.

People on Twitter are reporting that their RM75 blending tools are being torn apart when washed, whether in the washing machine or by hand.

On the website, there were specific instructions for cleaning Blendiful.

“Machine wash and dry in a delicates laundry bag or gently hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and blot dry.”

A few Twitter users have updated that Tati Beauty’s customer service has responded to them and are in the process of replacing the makeup puffs.

What do other YouTubers think of Blendiful?

In the world of YouTube beauty gurus, Manny MUA seemed to like the product but doesn’t plan to use them for liquid foundation so much as he’s not keen to clean the blenders very often.

Meanwhile, Glitter Beauties experienced her makeup puff ripping open when washed. On her channel description, Glitter Beauties assured her fans that Tati has contacted her personally and issued a replacement.

“Tati herself messaged me on Twitter as well and assured me this never happened in their very extensive testing and she said that it should not happen again. She also offered to send a replacement ASAP! So all I can say is that their customer service is amazing.”

Tati herself has addressed the issue in her latest video. She admits that consumer goods do break, because stuff like this just happens & states that she’s willing to help every one of her customers replace their Blendifuls if they’ve been damaged.