Uh-oh, Dermatologists Warn That Selfies Can Make You Look Older

Hold up, all you selfie lovers! We’ve got some bad news for you, taking selfies can make you age faster and it’s as bad as sunbathing and smoking. Yikes!

We’d snap at least 50 shameless selfies before getting the perfect-selfie picture. Unknowingly, those 50 selfies could have been destroying 50 years of your skin’s elasticity. Okay, maybe not that much.

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Thanks Snapchat! 😂 Have you guys tried out the new filter yet? DM us your selfie so we can see how fine you are when you’re older 💅🏼

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Blue light emitted by phones can make your skin age horribly 

The electromagnetic rays from our phones accelerate the skin aging. According to Sara Cheeney, a nurse practitioner at Pure Perfection Clinic in Wrexham told The Sun, “The blue rays from smartphone screens can do more damage than too much sunshine, so I would urge youngsters, in particular, to be extra careful.”

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You can get dark spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer! 

Assistant professor in the dermatology department at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Joshua Zeichner told Allure, “Visible light has been shown to rev up pigment production, leading to dark spots, and promote the breakdown of collagen, which leads to wrinkles. It can also create reactive oxygen species that damage the skin and cause premature skin aging and perhaps skin cancers.” No way, this is definitely not good news!

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Must you quit selfies forever? 

Of course not. The skincare experts recommend the use of Vitamin C in your skincare products. This was after they discovered that most women aren’t aware of the damages the blue light can do their cheeks and forehead. They also found that about 23% of their participants refused to post a photo of themselves on social media without using a filter because of the way their skin looks. This is so relatable!

Here are some Vitamin C products that you can use to protect your skin from the harsh phone light. 

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