4 Types Of Temporary Tattoo Ideas For When You Really Can’t Commit

If there’s one thing you can’t deny – it’s that tattoos look so utterly cool, and you want one, so very badly.

However, you can’t seem to commit to one design. I mean, would a small tattoo of butterflies be enough to express your deepest, most artistic desires or would you need more than that? It’s difficult to tell. Luckily, temporary tattoos exist to take these little worries off our could-be-inked shoulders.

When you want to beautify your body with art but simply can’t commit to just one tattoo your whole life, here’s a list of temporary tattoos to get you started.

1. Henna

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Henna was our go-to temporary tattoo option back when we were in high school, especially for the girls who wanted to get inked but didn’t want to get dinked by the teachers. I mean, our teachers probably had inks of their own too, and we would’ve thought them cool. Henna is actually ink extracted from the leaves of the henna plant, and it comes in ravishing, often rich shades of red, brown and almost black. Henna tattoo designs can be really intricate and breathtaking, and if you’re up for it, you can purchase the ink to DIY your own temporary tattoo.

2. Airbrush tattoo

Airbrush inks are temporary and can be really pretty if your artist knows what you want. The tattoo artist stamps on a stencil as a guide and uses an airbrush to create your temporary tattoo. It’s a pretty safe option as no ink is pierced into your skin and all the artistic stuff is done on the surface. Airbrush tattoos can last up to 7 days if you’re careful not to touch it.

3. Press-on tattoos

Remember when we used to buy these as kids, press them into our skin, and we thought we were the sh*t? Thankfully, press-on tattoos have evolved beyond tacky designs and they aren’t just for the kids, you know. Some of them have pretty meaningful designs that are just perfect for the music festival season. If we dare say so, their selection is much prettier than permanent tattoos these days, so why stick to one design when you can switch it up?

4. Makeup

If you prefer to DIY your own temporary ink design, makeup is the way to go. Say what? Yep, you can totally do this on your own! Start with a clean, matte base, so apply a really matte foundation on the place you want to ink. Then, use a waterproof eyeliner to create an outline of your design. Colour it in if you need to with a liquid matte lipstick. Seal your temporary tattoo with a light dusting of setting powder and setting spray. It should last for a bit until you remove it at night. The only thing is, you’ll be limited to simple designs like bats and symbols. The best thing is, you could probably ink your face with this and have no regrets!