There Are 5 Types Of Cat Persons Including The Cat Butler

Besides being the luckiest day of the year (8/8), we’re luckier still to have the company and joy of our purrfect friends – cats!

It’s no doubt that cat owners adore every inch of their precious fluffy babies. There are many types of cat people though – some are pretty crazy about their cats, while others can be quite chill.

If you’re a cat owner, you may want to find out what’s your ‘cat person’ persona. Read on and see if you’re an ‘overprotective cat mom,’ the ‘cat’s best friend’ or the ‘crazy cat lady,’ among other personas.

1. Overprotective cat mom

Oh, your poor fluffy baby ate a dust bunny! It’s off to the vet, right away. Like most regular moms, you worry about your cats constantly because you love them so much. If your baby gets stuck on the tree, it’s time to call the fire department. Your cat may not always appreciate your overprotective endeavours but he or she will surely curl up at your feet when they need some mommy-love.

2. Cat’s best friend

Like Garfield and Jon, you and your cat understand each other like no two people do. You communicate in soft meows and seem to know what the other is thinking. You’re more like your cat’s best friend – you eat together, sleep together, and even watch TV together. You can’t imagine life without your bestie – a.k.a. your very own Garfield. It’s like a cartoon but in real life.

3. Crazy cat lady

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You’re obsessed with your cats. You probably have more than one cat and can’t ever have enough of the cute, fluffy creatures. You take lots of pictures of your cats, and they probably even have their own Instagram accounts. You miss your cats when you’re gone for the holidays – how you wish you could whisk them away with you! Your friends probably ask “How are Mittens, Fluffy, and Sophie?” before they ask, “How are you?” & that’s how it should be.

4. Cat butler

You don’t own a cat, and it’s funny you should even think that. In fact, your cat owns you. Lady Meow is the queen of the house and you are her humble butler, whether you like to admit it or not. You’ll go the extra mile to give Lady Meow anything she needs, and you probably have a little pram to push her in because she doesn’t want to get her precious paws dirty.

5. Chill cat person

You may not even own a cat but you’re kinda cool with them. You’ll pat them, and they’ll rub themselves against your legs, but you’re not completely obsessed with the Internet’s favourite chonky creatures. Give it some time, look at some cat memes, and adopt a cat of your own. You’ll be well on your way to crazy-cat-ladyhood.

Which type of ‘cat person’ is your persona? Let us know in the comments below!