Was The LGBTQ Movement At #WomensMarchMY Necessary?

Cover image by @moregeraldine featuring @softdisco and @mi.kaze

It’s been a pretty busy week for those in the Twitterverse.

If you didn’t know it yet, #WomensMarchMY 2019 was held last Saturday, on the 9th of May. Hundreds of Malaysians thronged the streets of SOGO KL and Jessleton Point in Kota Kinabalu. They showed up with their hand-made signs, empowering vibes, and a purpose to march for women’s rights. Our LGBTQ brothers and sister showed up too – and decorated the area with their pride colours and placecards.

Let’s focus on the goals and demands of the Women’s March. The five demands calls for the end of violence based on gender and sexual orientation; to place a ban on child marriages, the protection of the rights and freedom of women to make choices over their own bodies and lives; a fair minimum wage of RM1800; and the destruction of the patriarchy together with building a more democratic society.

How certain Malaysians reacted to the presence of the LGBTQ community at the Women’s March distracts from the whole point of the march. Social activist Marina Mahathir criticized Pakatan Harapan leaders and called them out for causing a distraction. Previously, Dr. Mujahid had criticized the Women’s March as it defended LGBTQ rights, stating that it was an abuse of democracy.

Meanwhile, some netizens came to the defense of the LGBTQ community and encouraged others to focus on the whole point of the Women’s March. Mind you, the first demand of the Women’s March was to end violence based on gender and sexual orientation, which includes our LGBTQ sisters.

Then, on Saturday evening, a raging storm lashed through Putrajaya and Shah Alam, causing massive damage, including one recorded fatality. Some netizens managed to connect the occurrence of this storm to the presence of the LGBTQ community at the Women’s March.

Body-positive activist Nalisa Alia Amin shared some insight as to what really happened at Putrajaya and why the storm blew up.

Let’s start a conversation! Did you go to the Women’s March? Please share your experience with us and what you think of this stormy occurrence.