Trying To Hold Your Pee In? Think About Sex

The need to pee can hit you at any time. More often than not, it’s at the most inconvenient of times that you’ll find yourself doing the pee dance.



Whether you’re on a road trip, stuck in a really important meeting, or sitting alone in Starbucks and don’t want to abandon your laptop – there are ways to delay your need to pee, if even for a little bit. And no, this does not involve drinking less fluids! The body needs fluids to stay healthy and to prevent dehydration. But before we go into options to help you hold in your pee for longer, we need to address…


Why you should not hold your pee in (if you can help it!)

On average, an adult can hold in about one and a half to two cups of urine before feeling like they are about to burst, but this varies from person to person. As a result, there is no maximum amount of time you can or cannot be holding your pee in for. Ideally, you should be going to the bathroom every three to four hours (with the exception of when you are asleep). This is because peeing isn’t as simple as simply opening a door to let the dog out. No, it involves multiple muscles, organs and nerves that alert you when you are half full, full and about to blow. With that being said, the reason why holding in your pee can be dangerous is because you could end up losing control of these muscles over time. By holding in your pee for too long, too many times, you could be weaking your bladder muscles. When this happens, you could end up with incontinence issues. Not only that, there is an increased risk of UTIs and other infections because of the bacteria build up in. The risk is further heightened if you have  an enlarged prostate or any form of kidney disorders



So, if you really have to go but can’t…

1. Stay seated

Ironically, constant movement as well as crossing your legs while seated when you feel like you need to pee doesn’t do you any favours. What’s worse? Pressing on your stomach. Instead, try crossing your legs only when you’re standing. However, remaining seated seems to be the most convenient way to hold in your pee. Sit with your legs spread as wide as possible, avoid slouching and lean forward slightly to take the pressure off of your stomach and blatter.



2. Think about sex

But what do a full bladder and sex have to do with each other? For one, it distracts you from the fact that you have to pee. Of course, you could listen to music, read or recite a Pee Prayer but thinking about sex has its own benefits in this context. On the more scientific side, because the vagina, clitoris and urethra (which connects to the bladder) are located very close to each other, it is easier to get aroused on a full bladder and thus, easier for you to get your mind off having to go to the bathroom.



3. Engage your lower body.

Here’s something that may surprise you more than the tip about thinking of sex – rubbing the back of your calf. Researchers in Australia found that by doing this, you may be able to interrupt the messages your brain is receiving from your bladder. Alternatively, try squeezing your butt as tightly as you can, hold and repeat three to five times. Not only does this help you hold in your pee for longer, you can also get your daily butt workout in!



At the end of the day, while holding in your pee may not be as harmful as you’d think, it’s best to avoid doing so when possible. Remember to listen to your body and monitor what your urges are telling you. Or just, you know, plan ahead!



If you find that your need to go to the bathroom is hindering your daily activities, it’s best to consult with a doctor.