Trouble Sleeping? Perhaps You’ve Been Taking Night Showers At The Wrong Time

Personally, I love taking showers right before I go to bed. Literally, like minutes before I go under the sheets. But that could be the reason why I actually have sleep problems. Turns out, there is a specific time for you to actually take a bath for a good night sleep!

Take a bath at least an hour or two before bedtime 

woman on the bathtub

According to a study from the University of Texas at Austin, taking a bath 90 minutes before bed could help you sleep better. That’s an hour 30 minutes before you snooze!

You can fall asleep faster too 

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The research found that it sped up the sleep time by 10 minutes on average. Well, this is great because let’s be honest, some of us take even an hour to fall asleep!

Since we’re going into specifics, this is the perfect bath temperature 

topless woman inside shower room

If you must know, the perfect bath temperature is between 40 to 43 degrees Celsius. Warm baths increase blood circulation and allow heat to move away from your core, making your body temperature to decline.

How does this work? 

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Researchers explain that the body temperature drops about an hour before you sleep. It drops further as you fall asleep before beginning to rise again. Sort of like a biological alarm clock wake-up signal. Hah, no wonder we feel heaty sometimes early in the morning!