Trendiest Nail Trends In 2019 According To Pinterest

Nails may be the smallest part on your body but you shouldn’t neglect it one bit. One tiny touch can give a lasting impact – You know how we girls are always eyeing each other’s latest nails do.

Wonder what’s the IT nail trends to try for 2019? Pinterest has got you covered with all the latest trends.

According to Pinterest, searches for ombre nails have increased by 88%, making a huge come back in 2019. While the second biggest nail trend is shimmer. Pinterest records that searches for this particular trend have increased by  60%. Here are some cool ombre and shimmer styles for you to try this year:

1. French Ombre

Image result for french ombre

Source: Nailandbody

It’s the modern take on the classic French manicure, with the white tips fading to into a natural pink. Classy do!

2.  Glitter Matte

Color transition nails

Source: bestartnails

Matching pink with grey is one way to sport pink without looking too feminine. Plus, the matte glitter accent totally makes the whole look tres chic!

3. Bold Matte 

Related image

Source: NailsByMztina Instagram

Make your nails dramatic with a deep red hue that bleeds into black. Totally simple yet bold.

4. Horizontal Ombre

<p>Instead of darker light from top to bottom, paint the sides of your nails darker and make the middle the&nbsp;lightest point for <a href="" target="_blank">a fun twist on the ombre trend</a>.</p>

Source: Aliciatnails Instagram

Instead of painting your nails from with a top to bottom gradient, paint the sides of your nails dark and keep the middle part light for an ombre twist.

5. Accented Ombre 

<p>Metallic lines help neutralize the fiery bold colors in <a href="" target="_blank">this sunset-inspired mani</a>.</p>

Source: Missladyfinger Instagram

Add in cool silver or gold metallic lines over bright, fierce colours for eye-catching nails. Living coral is also ‘Colour of the Year’, so you’d definitely want your nails be a part of the hype.

6. Shimmery Ombre 

<p>Make an ombre manicure really shine with <a href="" target="_blank">shimmery polish</a> (it makes it that much easier to hide any mess-ups).</p>

Source: Formulax Instagram

Since shimmer is also the latest trend for 2019, what better way to show it off by pairing it with ombre? Pro Tip: Use a shimmery polish to hide any mess ups!

6. Colourful Holographic Shimmer

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Source: blakenolani

Shimmer your nails with pretty holographic colours. You can also show the playful side of yourself by wearing different colours on each nails.