5 Top Shelf Products For Asian Girls With Unicorn Hair

If you’re an Asian girl with unicorn hair, you’ll know the struggle of striving to look like world-renowned South Korean MUA Pony every day.

As someone with Asian hair, you probably sat for hours in the salon while your hairstylist took your roots from black, to brown, to yellow, and then finally reached a blonde colour that can be dyed over.

Once you’ve gone down the unicorn hair path, there’s no turning back. Bleached locks need to be taken care of so they don’t end up looking like grass. Thankfully, there are products that can help us unicorns with that – and here they are! FYI Likely may receive an affiliate commission if you purchase something from the link below.

1. Sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoo is essential for dyed hair because it doesn’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils and retains moisture, giving your locks a richer appearance. As sulfate tends to remove natural oils from your hair, the sulfate-free type is a safe option for healthy, dyed hair. An affordable option would be Moist Diane Botanical Damage Repairing Shampoo.

2. Purple shampoo

One for the blonde ABGs. The pigments in purple shampoo neutralize the brassiness in our blonde Asian hair, and returns it to our desired platinum blonde. Be careful though, leaving it on for too long can turn your hair purple (one of our writers found out about this the hard way, and yes, she has purple hair now). Mix it with your regular shampoo if you don’t want to neutralize too much of the brassiness. Try Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo for your first time in neutralizing brassy tones.

3. Hair serum

Just like a serum for your skin, hair serum rejuvenates and nourishes your hair so that it doesn’t become dehydrated. Plus, it gives your hair a shiny, bouncy appearance so that it doesn’t appear dull and dry after rounds of bleaches and dyes. Apply on damp hair after washing or first thing in the morning before you leave for work. One of our favourites is Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum.

4. Dry shampoo

Washing your hair every day may strip the colour off, but of course, some of us can’t bear to not wash our hair every day, and that’s where dry shampoo comes in. The product soaks up any excess oil or grease to give your hair a fresh, voluminous appearance, and a delicate scent. Give Batiste Original Dry Shampoo a try.

5. Hair mask

Once you’ve gone unicorn, you know it takes a lot of maintenance to keep your hair lush and beautiful. A hair mask is a deep-conditioning treatment that can help to heal damaged hair. Apply it on your hair for 20 minutes, once a week for repaired locks. We really like the look of this one – Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Mask for damage treatment.