How To Make Your Lipgloss Last Longer Than Usual

Lipgloss is the most fickle of all lipstick types. They make your lips look juicy and kissable, but can’t seem to last more than an hour.

Otherwise, your hair gets stuck on your lips because of the gloss, which can make the wearer resent the product.

Yet, we all want to wear this 90s staple sometimes, and of course, we’d like our glosses to last longer. At least until our next meal. Fret not, ladies – here are five helpful tricks to make your lipgloss last longer than usual.

1. Exfoliate your lips


First, use a good lip scrub like Body Breakfast Coffee Lip Scrub to exfoliate your lips and get rid of dead skin cells. Make sure your lips are hydrated, smooth, and ready for makeup before you begin the next few steps.

2. Create a solid base with lip liner

This base will prevent your lipgloss from bleeding, and prevention is better than cure, of course. Choose a lip liner that matches the natural colour of your lips, like from Maybelline’s Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner collection. Line the border of your lips and fill it in.

3. Add some lip balm to smoothen your base

Once you’ve filled your lips in, you’ll need to apply a hydrating lip balm, like the collection of Demeter Perfumed Lip Balm. Choose one with a non-oily texture as anything with a waxy consistency is preferable so the gloss has less of a reason to slip off.

4. Dab a tiny bit of concealer

If you really want your lipgloss to stand out from your whole look, the trick is to dab just a tiny bit of concealer all over your lips. This will subtly bring out the shade of your natural lip colour just before gloss time. Check out Peripera Ink Concealer for one with a light texture.

5. Apply lipgloss and smack your lips together

And finally, on to the lipgloss! Apply your favourite tube of lipgloss onto your carefully prepped lips and smack your lips together to give the gloss an even coating on your top and bottom lip. Now you’re good to go, 90s baby! Check out Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss for our feature gloss pick.