3 Ways To Keep Your Phone Clean If You’re Worried About COVID-19

So we’ve covered what to do what your clothes if you have to go out during the movement control order, but what about the one thing we can’t seem to keep our hands off? Our phones. The virus can survive on some surfaces for days on end. And our phones, something we bring with us everywhere (even into the loo) is not spared from being able to pick up this virus. Imagine how often you put your phone to your face to listen to something or answer a call? Or even to touch your face after sending a message? It’s one of the dirtiest surfaces we can come into contact with. Case in point: Back in 2012, the University of Arizona found back that cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat (mainly because we clean our toilets more often than we do our phones). Save for dunking it into a pot of sanitiser, what is the best way to get rid of the possible presence of the coronavirus strand, COVID-19?



1. Using wipes.

Avoid using anything with concentrated alcohol. This can remove the coating that keeps oil and water from damaging your phone. Using disinfectant wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean with is your best bet. Previously, phone manufacturers were against using anything of the sort to clean our phones. But, with the concern surrounding how to stay clean during the pandemic, Apple has given the OK to use Clorox Wipes and others with similar concentrations. Other phone manufacturers have yet to comment.


2. UV light.

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An option that has gained traction recently is the use of a UV light or “lamp sanitizer”. PhoneSoap, a UV light company claims that the device can kill 99.99% of germs and banishes bacteria. With UV treatments, like ones provided by PhoneSoap, your phone is exposed to UV rays (whether with a wand or something that encases the whole thing) and the device then sends light waves at the phone’s surface. This will then render the bacteria inert, preventing it from multiplying and spreading. However, this is not a proven way to get rid of the COVID-19 virus as it has not been tested against that specific virus yet.


3. Wash your hands.

Let’s face it, there is no point going to such lengths as getting a UV light for your phone if you don’t keep your hands clean in the first place. After spending time cleaning your phone, touching your door handle and then picking up your phone again, you’re bound to be transferring some bacteria there. Wash your hands regularly, avoid grabbing your phone if you are out getting supplies and so on.


This goes without saying for your other devices as well – your tablets, laptops, keyboards and more. Using a microfibre cloth, a little bit of water and some soap can go a long way in keeping all the surfaces you come into contact with, virus-free. It doesn’t take much to stay clean, so why not do everything you can?