5 Tips To Eat & Drink Without Smearing Your Lipstick Everywhere

What do you think is the hardest part when it comes to eating? Is it waiting for a meal?

Well, to most ladies, it’s keeping our lipstick in tip-top condition and not having to touch-up after, because that can be such a drag.

We don’t want to walk around with smeared lipstick either. Let’s take a moment to remember the wise words of Naomi Campbell, “Check your lipstick before you come and talk to me.” Thankfully, anyone who wears lipstick can do these tips with ease. Here’s how you can eat and drink like a normal person without getting your lipstick everywhere. FYI, we may receive an affiliate commission if you purchase something from the links below

1. Prep your lips

We’ve all learned from skincare advice that a good base is everything, and we mean everything. Dry, chapped lips simply don’t hold lipstick as well as a moisturised pout. Exfoliate your lips with a scrub like Hanaka Chu Chu Lip Scrub and apply a generous coat of lip balm on before you do anything else!

2. Check your lipstick formula

As with the no-smudge and no-touch-up rule, glosses and satin lipsticks are out of the picture. You’ll want a really long-wearing matte lipstick that will cling onto your precious pout for dear life even when it’s being pelted by oil droplets. Lip stains and lip pencils will work too. Try Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink liquid lips for a smudge-proof formula.

3. Set your lipstick

Dust some setting powder, like Mistine 24 Cover All Translucent Loose Powder, through a tissue onto your lipstick to set the formula. Dust some extra powder onto your chin as well, to keep the lipstick from smearing onto your chin.

4. Choose your type of food wisely

You are what you eat, and how your lipstick fares throughout a meal depends on what you eat too, unfortunately. Choose bite-sized snacks or anything you can cut up with a knife and fork, like cherry tomatoes or steak. If you really want a burger, you can separate the bun, meat and vegetables, and cut them up into bite-size pieces.

5. When you’re drinking, use a straw

Metal straws save lives in the ocean and save your lipstick from being smudged too. Bring one with you all the time so you can drink without worrying about how your lipstick will look like after a few sips. Pro-tip: if you’re too lazy to wash your metal straw or drinking from a wine glass, wet (or lick) the rim before taking a sip so your lipstick doesn’t stain the glass.

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