4 Time-Saving Skincare Hacks You Need To Know

Whether you’re travelling, tired at night or simply just damn late for work, sometimes there isn’t just enough time to do your skincare routine properly.

Despite this, we always want to look like we may bump into our ex-BFFs (because that could very well happen!), so we’ll look for time-saving beauty hacks to help us out.

Anyway, here’s how you can spend less time trying to look your very best.

1. Cleanse your face after you condition your hair

What’s the logic behind this? Well, hair conditioner contains grease, and plus, some of the grease or dirt from your hair may get onto your face when you’re doing your hair. Cleansing your face after conditioning your hair would get rid of the excess dirt on the surface of your skin.

2. Layer on sunblock and aloe vera

Most of us know to put on sunblock before we leave the comforts of our home. But what about aloe vera? Besides reducing inflammation, aloe vera works wonderfully as a makeup primer as it absorbs into your skin and helps your foundation to blend evenly.

3. Use multipurpose oils

Oils save time – really! Oils like argan and rosehip can add moisture to your face at night, condition your cuticles and nourish the ends of your hair. You can even add these oils to your hair mask and add a layer under your sheet mask for a night of self-pampering. What’s not to love?

4. Place your sheet mask in the fridge

Skincare fridges have been a thang in the beauty community for quite a while now. Although putting your skincare products in the fridge does not have any direct benefits, you can always count on a cold sheet mask to refresh and re-awaken you on after a hard, hot day.