Tiffany Young On K-Beauty, Dealing With Acne & Her #1 Beauty Tip

Girls Generation member Tiffany Young once defied South Korean beauty standards when she got her hair chopped into a short bob, with side-swept bangs back in 2007.

Back then, short hair wasn’t a favourite of the K-beauty world, which made the once budding K-pop star slightly afraid of her new image. But the artist said to herself:

“Hey, if it (short hair) is going to get people to listen to my music, OK.” – Tiffany Young

In a way, it worked. Her short bob gave Young a signature look which stood amongst the Girls Generation members. For a few years, Young’s bob became her signature style until she decided to grow it out into waist-length waves and dyed it what she calls a ‘mother of dragons’ blonde.

What Tiffany Young wants you to know about K-beauty

The star, who went to Korea at 15 to pursue her K-Pop passion, wants us to know that there is so much more to K-beauty than just sheet masks. She told Allure:

“Sheet masks are a great way to introduce it because I use them every single day, too, but there is much more to K-beauty.” – Tiffany Young

For example, to curl her eyelashes, Young uses heated sticks normally used for tteokbokki which are spicy Korean rice cakes. They seem to hold a curl really well – we must try this one!

K-Pop stars get breakouts too

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When she’s back in South Korea, Young revealed that she regularly went to the skin clinics (sometimes weekly) to receive facials, peels, and LED light therapy. However, when she moved to California, Young needed to introduce her own skincare routine, without her weekly facials.

That took some getting used to. The water, climate, and temperature certainly affected what her skin looked like, and pretty soon, she was starting to break out. Even her parents weren’t used to seeing her skin in this state. Young managed to reassure herself:

“Acne is normal. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

To combat her acne issues, Tiffany realized that she needed a complete lifestyle change, so the star started getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exfoliating a lot more – it’s actually her top beauty tip!

The key to Tiffany Young’s glowing skin? Exfoliation

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Young’s key to glowing skin is exfoliation. She takes exfoliation more seriously than any other K-Pop star we’ve known.

While Young considers double cleansing absolutely compulsory in her skincare routine, she also cycles through four different types of exfoliators in a month, including La Mer The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator, Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel, O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face, and a special deep-cleansing gel from one of the skin-care clinics in Korea that she frequented. Apparently, it makes her feel like she’s sweating, but hey, anything to get dead skin cells off, right?

“I truly believe it’s all the time and care you invest in your face.” – Tiffany Young

Over time, Young realized that skincare isn’t about whether you had ‘good’ or ‘bad’ skin, it was about knowing your skin.