Fashion Entrepreneur Tia Bhuva Styles Her Saree With Pants, Here’s How You Can Do It Too

There’s something about wearing traditional outfits that make a woman look beautifully elegant and stylish. In this case, we’re talking about sarees. A saree cloth is so versatile that if you were to ever Google ‘how to wear a saree’, you’ll find over a hundred videos of various different ways to style the silhouette. Traditionally, sarees are styled with the Nivi Drape, Seedha Pallu and Gol Saree but nowadays, you can even wear them with pants!

I especially love how Tia Bhuva, a Youtuber who is also a fashion designer, creatively styles her saree. Aside from giving tutorials on modern ways of wearing the classic garment, the social media influencer is known for selling unique saree silhouettes, Disney princess outfits with an Indian twist as well as cancan skirts.

So in case you’re looking for a way to spice up your traditional wear, here are six saree goals you can learn from Tia Bhuva.

1. The Back Pleat

Bored of front pleats? Well, Tia pleat hers and tucks it in the back of her skirt instead. In this video, she uses a cancan skirt and a saree as drape. Who knew that you can even wear a saree as a lengha?

2. The Dress Drape

Believe it or not, Tia can magically style a saree into a dress which can be worn with jeans or pants and a crop top. It looks super easy to do too. Simply fold your saree drape into few inches apart, and pin it to the back of your pants. Cover your waist with a belt to secure the silhouette.

3. The Real Half Saree Drape

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The real half saree drape.. But over jeans or dhoti pants or harem pants

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This is another look for drapes that can be worn over pants and a crop top, or any kind of top – whichever you’re comfortable with. The way it’s styled looks so simple yet elegant, as the drapes are worn over the shoulder like a shawl, with one side pinned to the jeans.

4. Knot Your Saree Up

Tia totally understand how most of us feel about pleating the pallu, so here’s her trick, measure how long you want your pallu to be and tie a knot to it. Genius! She also recommends using soft/lightweight sarees that’s of thin material and should not be used with a kachipuram.

6. Quick And Easy Gujarati

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Super quick and easy Gujarati drape!

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For ladies who still want to dress traditionally, Tia’s got you covered. There are only three steps in draping the saree, Gujarati style. The main difference between a normal saree draping style and a Gujarati style is that the Gujarati style draped backward with the pallu pinned to the front, covering your chest with the pleats. But with Tia’s trick, you get still show off your figure without covering it. 

6. Do The Cancan Gujarati

Unlike the quick and easy Gujarati, that uses a slim cut inner skirt, this particular style uses a cancan skirt instead and a saree. This is totally giving us major princess vibes.