Malaysian Girl Was Sexually Harassed By Fake ”Government Organization” On Instagram

On May 5th, twitter user @lini_bagel took to her social media platform to share her friend’s experience on what seemed to be job vacancy scams. In a series of her tweets, she described the Instagram profile who was allegedly harassing the friend was hiding behind a fake government organization where they’re using to ‘’recruit’’ flight attendants as well as [mainly Indian] models.


Allegedly the fake scam profile hiding behind official organization name

@lini_bagel’s friend who only wants to be known as Mary explained that she was scrolling through her Instagram feed when she came across an ad by Job Vacancy Official Malaysia. They were looking for people to advertise the ‘’Air Asia Cabin Crew Online Interview’’. They offer RM800 just for people to make videos to promote the vacancy—and so Mary dmed them. 

After submitting the video on WhatsApp [they had asked for her number to make further communication easier]—after a while, they then asked Mary to submit another video, and that’s how things started to get weirder. 

(Source: @lini_bagel Twitter)

They suddenly offered Mary a modelling position after admitting that they went to her Instagram profile to had a ‘’look’’, so then they offered her a modelling job with RM2,700 (4 hours, 4 days a week) and not to mention that RM 800 earlier that they still owed her from the advertising video. 

At first she was asked only to model in modest clothing but then it quickly escalated to her model in lingerie

They went on and sent Mary pictures of other models for an example. At first she was asked only to model in modest clothing like shorts and a plain T but then it quickly escalated to her model in lingerie. She was initially fine with modelling in lingerie and was not forced to coerce until they sent her pictures of topless models and told her to mimic the pose. That is where she drew the line. She told them, and I quote, ‘’I’m just not ready to expose myself like that’’.

(Source: @lini_bagel Twitter)

 They later offered to bump up her salary to RM 4,000 a month (approximately RM 1,300 a week) just for nude pictures which she still refused to take. After compromising, Job Vacancy told her it was okay to send censored pictures. She sent the pictures which were clearly censored the entire part of her breast—Job Vacancy then flipped the script saying ‘’You are not being bold dear.’’

When Mary finally told them that she won’t continue to do the job, they started threatening Mary to leak her photos

(Source: @lini_bagel Twitter)

After all that, Mary starts really asking questions and repeatedly tells the organization over and over that she will not be taking or sending them nude photographs of herself to which they keep pestering her for. As a reply, they started threatening Mary to leak her photos. Mary then went on to block the organization on Twitter and Instagram, she even changed her name and bio and asked her boyfriend to deactivate her Facebook page. A moment later, she received a message from an unknown American number saying ‘’You will regret it. It will reach your parents and I’m going to leak the photos.’’ 

(Source: @lini_bagel Twitter)

‘’We all cannot confirm nor verify if this all just a gigantic ploy by a shady ‘’government to extort explicit photos from people or if certain employees are just going out on a limb and taking advantage of their position’’, said @lini_bagel. 

In conclusion, we all must be very careful and check an organization background before submitting your personal and private information for a job application. Especially if they advertised it on social media rather than their own website. So always be 100% sure of what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s take care of one another. To read the full threads, click here