This Is Why You’re Having Irregular Period

It’s a bittersweet feeling when you miss your monthly period. You like the fact that your vagina isn’t wet from all that blood but at the same time, you know something is definitely wrong with your body. But one thing is for sure, after taking endless pregnancy tests, you know you’re not pregnant.

Fret not, ladies. Skipping your monthly period does not always mean pregnancy. Here are some possible reasons why you’re having an irregular period cycle:

1. Always so stressed out 

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Stress affects the production of a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone which interferes with ovulation and regular menstruation. If you’re in an overwhelmed situation or experiencing prolonged anxiety, with more than one missed cycle, consult your doctor. Find out what causes your stress and how you can de-stress.

It may take a few months or more for your cycles to become regular again, once your stress levels are back to normal. The most important thing for you to note is to also not stress over the fact that your period is late.

2. You have PCOS 

So you’ve got acne, gained weight and there are hairs on your face and chest but your period is M.I.A! You could be suffering from PCOS, aka polycystic ovary syndrome. This affects a woman’s ovaries, the reproductive organs that produce estrogen and progesterone, which are hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle.

The ovaries also produce a small number of male hormones called androgens. Although there’s no cure for PCOS, you can still control the symptoms by leading a healthy lifestyle by losing weight if necessary, eating well and taking birth control pills or other medications.

3. You’re off the birth control pills 

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Be it when you’re taking the pills to prevent pregnancy or to help regulate your cycle. If you’ve been dependent on hormonal pills and suddenly stopped taking the pills, it can be a total shock to your body. Therefore, it may take some time for your system to wake up. Remember, even when you’re not getting your period, you can still ovulate. So unless you plan on getting pregnant, better use condoms before it’s too late!

4. Something is wrong with your thyroid 

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The thyroid gland regulates your metabolism, produces hormones, controls body temperature and many more. But when it’s overactive or under-active, it may stop ovulation which can prompt an irregular period. Worse, it can put your fertility at risk. Symptoms for you to lookout are fatigue, thinning hair and weight gain or loss. Consult your doctor for treatments.

5. Gained weight 

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Obese women are most likely to have an irregular menstrual cycle as compared to those with normal weight. The excess weight carried around may cause hormone issues that can mess your cycle. But fear not, you can easily treat this by losing weight healthily.

6. Over-exercised 

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Apparently, there is such a thing as over-exercising! This includes losing weight fast or suffering from an eating disorder, especially if your BMI (Body Mass Index) drops to below 19 or 18. Just slow down on your extreme exercise routine and increase your BMI to help get your period back to its normal cycle.

7. Hanging around new girls 

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It could be weird and funny but experts say, when you’re hanging out a lot with a new bunch of girls, you’re body tries to sync in with them. Hence, making your period irregular. This is because of the odourless chemical that exudes from our body called pheromones, which can have a  physical or emotional effect on each other.