This Is Why Galaxy Nails Should Be Your Next Manicure

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Do you ever look up at night and get mesmerised by the stars above? You’ll try to identify the constellations like the Big Dipper, locate Sirius a.k.a. the brightest star, and pretend to navigate the world with Orion when you already have Waze.

It’s amazing, but what’s kinda cool is we can look down and be mesmerized too, with the stars, moon and planetary motifs on our nail art.

Galaxy nails are taking over the manicure world by storm – as if they haven’t already. These nails are intricate, woven with blessings from the stars, shimmery, spellbinding, and coated with magic from above (or just really good nail polish!).

It’s different at every angle and every part of your galaxy nail’s surface sparkle. Trust us, you’ll be obsessed with yourself! Here’s some nail art inspo to get you going, and feeling like a star.

1. Intricate planets and stars

2. Wizardry nights

3. Inspired by your friendly neighbourhood alien

4. Galaxy tips

5. Planetary cuteness

6. Pastel constellations

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7. Mercury retrograde