This Is What Sex Is Like With The Guy You Hate Most

Don’t we all have that one guy we really loathe, like how Hermione hated Draco Malfoy? These type of guys can be so irritating and tend to get up your nerves.

Yep, so imagine just f*cking the guy you really hate, and it’s an added bonus if you think he’s hot. If you haven’t thought about this yet, boy do we have news for you!

If your sex bucketlist has been completely ticked-off, we have one more thing for you to try; getting steamy with someone you hate. It’s called hate sex. Before you feel completely offended about this, sex with someone you hate can be really hot, and we’ve got science to back it up.

So, what is sex like with your worst enemy?

First of all, you don’t hate them with a burning passion that you’d imagine killing this person, but it’s gotta run pretty close. According to Metro, sexual desire begins in the brain, so the tension and antagonism that you feel when you’re having sex with the guy you hate can actually increase sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, your brain can’t actually tell that you hate this person. It can only tell that you want this person inside you.

Although hate is the opposite of love, it’s still a strong feeling

Although hate is the complete opposite of love, it’s better than numbness or an absence of feelings. Hate is actually a pretty strong feeling, especially if it burns, so you can still have very passionate hookups. This is why some people believe that make-up sex after a fight is so damn good. Hate sex is probably why some couples still stay together despite having arguments every day (and make-up sex every day).

Be careful. It can get rough!

Sex is one way to express your feelings for someone but if you both hate each other so damn much, it can get pretty rough. It may be an intense experience, but it won’t cause the guy you hate to fall in love with you. Sorry, but this is not a rom-com. As long as both of you, who hate each other, consent to having the best sex of your lives, then it’s good for you too.