This Is The Pearly Ingredient Your Skin Is Missing Out On

So, most of us who aren’t blessed with #flawless skin probably have a few blemishes and whether we take care of those blemishes or enhance them with rhinestones is really up to us.

You’ve probably heard about gold elements and diamonds in skincare products, but have you heard of pearl powder?

Yes, the pearls your grandmother wears as a necklace, the magic ingredient from the ocean could have many benefits for your skin. Let’s explore.

What is pearl powder?

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Pearl powder is made of crushed pearls, ground into the finest of powders. In the times when Cleopatra ruled Cleopatra ruled Egypt, pearl powder was a big part of her beauty routine. Chinese empresses and royalties used pearl powder to enhance their beauty, so you can say that pearl was once an ingredient coveted by the royals.

Besides being an ingredient for the princesses, what does pearl powder do?

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Pearl powder has a many amino acids that stimulate collagen production, which results in healthy, glowing skin. Plus, it also has conchiolin, a type of protein similar to keratin that improves hydration of your skin cells over time. The protein also increases blood circulation and helps to repair damaged cells.

How to use pearl powder?

You can use pearl powder as a mask, like a clay mask when you add toner to it to form a thick liquid-like substance. Pearl powder can also be used as finishing powder as it diffuses imperfections and gives your skin what appears to be an inward luminosity – like Guerlain Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls of Powder.

Pearl powder can also be consumed orally for it’s collagen-filled goodness and antioxidant properties – just be sure to consult with your doctor first!