This Is How Long It Really Takes To Get Over Your Ex-Lover

Getting over someone you loved takes time, especially the long hours of pain and whys to heal your heartbreak.

The real question is, how long does it take to get over your ex? Is it a month, six months, a few years?

You don’t want to be stuck in this funk of unrequited love forever, so we’ve done the math for you. Read on to find out how long you have left to get over your ex-lover.

PS: Getting over your ex takes half the time you were together

You read that right, so technically, the shorter your relationship was, the less time it takes to get over your ex-lover. So, if you dated your ex for six months but broke up because of whatever reason, theoretically, it should take you about three months to get over him.

Of course, the process of getting over someone you used to love isn’t as easy as it seems, but some people cling to this timestamp because it gives them something concrete to work with. This only works if you really loved your ex, otherwise, you can probably get over him in the matter of a few days.

When do you really “get over” your ex?

“Getting over” someone means that thinking of them no longer causes you pain, and that you’re able to look at the experience as a lesson from the past, similar to the millennial movement called Grande-ing. Every relationship is different, so this timeline may not necessarily work for you, but it is something real to hang on to, so you don’t spend too much time grieving about a boy in the past.

But there’s one thing that can speed up the healing process

According to Women’s Health, self-care can speed up the healing process. Instead of finding a rebound to comfort you, it’s best to be a source of love for yourself. The secret to self-healing is focusing on yourself, and whatever that makes you feel good. Besides self-care, a makeover can help you feel better too, like a haircut or a different hair colour. Keep yourself busy, fulfilled, and focus on your own well-being until thinking of ~ him ~ no longer causes you pain.