This Bracelet Shocks You When You Spend Too Much Money

We all have bad habits that we would like to break, like some of us spend too much money when it’s payday, simply because it feels rewarding to have nice things.

Other bad habits may include eating fast food and biting one’s fingernails.

Neither of these habits are desirable, so thankfully, here’s a bracelet that shocks you out of these habits.

There is a way to beat bad habits even if you have next to zero willpower.

The Pavlok Bracelet is a device straight out of an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror. The bracelet delivers 350-volts of electricity to shock you when you have a desire to perform your bad habits.

Some people don’t want to eat junk food but continue to do so because it’s pleasurable. The bracelet takes away the pleasure and replaces it with pain so it conditions you to believe that your bad habits, like eating junk food, are actually painful.

This is called aversive conditioning

Aversive conditioning is a technique that uses negative stimuli to reform habits. Think smokers who reform because they finally understand that their smoking is killing them, Plus, there is a feature that connects to your friends’ smartphones so they can shock you too help you with your compulsion.

Reaching for that credit card so you can order a round of ColourPop? Perhaps it’s time to get a Pavlok bracelet instead.

Well, if you don’t want to spend too much money on Amazon, here are some ways to beat your bad habits without this dystopian bracelet (it sounds really painful too).

1. Replace the habit with something different, yet positive

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If you can’t seem to stop spending money on shiny, nice new things, consider swapping out your items instead. Style and beauty swaps are available all over the city, so you can always find one on Facebook groups, or host one yourself.

2. Surround yourself with a support system


Let your BFFs know that you’ll be stopping your bad habit from now on, and that you’ll need their help. We’re sure your besties would be willing to help you kick the fast food habit, and maybe even join you in the quest to betterment.

3. Cut out triggers

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Like, if you have a spending habit, delete all the Zalora, Sephora and other shopping apps from your phone. Now you’ll actually have to go out of the house if you want to spend money, and that may be a deterrent for your bad habit. Cool beans.

How would you break a bad habit? Let us know in the comments below.