This Beauty Influencer Wants People To Stop Shading Influencers

Influencers – we’ve probably heard about most of them and met some in real life too. You’ll spot them taking pictures, follow their vacation-mode Instagram posts, but is the life of an influencer as glamorous as it seems?

New York-based beauty and fashion influencer Amra Olević Reyes recently took to Twitter to express her frustration with people who constantly bash influencers.

Amra currently has 5.8 million followers on Instagram and she has dedicated fans who call themselves “Rezy Riders.” She started from the bottom as a beauty influencer, having worked at Sephora and MAC, and has worked her way up ’til today, posting beauty, travel and fashion content.

She Tweeted that an influencer is a hybrid of many jobs, including a stylist, MUA, hairstylist, photographer, editor and creative director.

“Not many people can do it and stay consistent.”

“I don’t wanna hear no influencer slander again.”

According to Buzzfeed, Amra was referring to other professionals in the industry like higher-up fashion reps, hairstylists and makeup artists who slander influencers.

Amra mentioned, “They say things like, ‘influencers don’t do shit.'”

Of course, some people protested that there are harder jobs in this world than being an influencer.

Another Twitter user mentioned that influencers are just another marketing scheme played by brands.

However, other fellow influencer agreed with Amra though, citing that there are many aspects of the job that people don’t see. They only see you when you make it, but they don’t see the hard work that goes into it.

On Twitter, Amra states that she has helped her followers, of course.

She has encouraged her followers to stay true to themselves and follow their dreams, which is basically being a positive influence in their lives.

What do you think, fellow readers?