5 Things You Should Not Do Just After You Get Engaged

After a few years of dating, it’s probably time to move forward to the space between courtship and marriage: engagement.

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re already engaged or planning to get hitched. Congratulations! Let’s take a look at that ring!

Getting hitched comes with a lot of responsibilities, so here are 5 things you should NOT do just after you get engaged.

1. Posting about your engagement on social media before telling your family members

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First of all, your families should be the first ones to know before everyone else finds out through your social media post. Keep the engagement a quiet thing first and break the news to your family before posting up those #couplegoals pics you took over the engagement weekend!

2. Tell your exes about it


It may be tempting to say hah, in your face, but let’s keep it classy, ladies. Telling our exes the good news may not spell equally good things for the happy couple. Anyway, your ex probably stalks you on social media already. Keep the good news among yourselves and enjoy telling your best friends about the engagement first.

3. Start planning the wedding immediately

Even though it’s not wrong to start making a guest list, perhaps you’d want to enjoy being engaged to your fiance first. You’ll only live this moment once before you become Mrs (Future Husband’s Surname). You can start by saving those pretty wedding decoration pictures on Pinterest instead. Start small, good things take time.

4. Buy your wedding dress

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OK, so you may be getting hitched soon but that doesn’t mean you need to say yes to the dress now. In fact, we must warn you that your vision of the dream wedding dress may change within those few months you’re engaged! Unless you’ve got some cash to blow, we’d advise against buying a wedding dress before finalizing the plans of the actual wedding.

5. Feel pressured to schedule the wedding within a set timeframe

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Who cares how long you’ll be engaged? You don’t need to feel pressured to have the wedding in six months or a year if you don’t want to. Your engagement should last as long as you like. Enjoy this moment of being someone’s fiancee, because you’ll probably miss it once or twice when you’re his wife.