Thigh Chafing Hurts Like Hell – Here’s How To Prevent It

Ladies with them thunder thighs, you know this is something you feel passionate about – thigh chafing. It’s the painful, uncomfortable and rash-like thing that you get between your inner thighs.

Sometimes it can so bad that you feel crying but the stinging, burning sensation. Thigh chafing can happen for many reasons, clothes too tight or even too loose.

But chafing happens from too much movement that results in friction between the thighs. When the thighs rub together, it causes irritation to the skin – you’ll experience extreme discomfort when you chafe and then sweat. Ooooh, can you feel the sting? Here’s how you can save your thighs once and for all!

1. Wear the proper workout clothes 

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Experiencing thigh chafing after a workout sesh? It’s probably because your workout clothes aren’t made from a material that can absorb moisture. Also, it should not be too tight that it restricts your bottoms.

2. Check for sensitivity 

You may be sensitive to that new lotion that you just purchased. This can also exacerbate chafing.

3. Put on a pair of moisture-wicking slip shorts under your summer dress 

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You want to wear undies that are made up of fabrics like moisture-wicking, cooling and breathable. But for goodness, avoid cotton fabrics at all cost as it soaks up sweat, making chafing inevitable. Try Thigh Society Anti-Chafing slip shorts!

3. Apply Monistat anti-chafing gel between your thighs

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Victims to thigh chafing have been raving of this miracle gel that can help prevent thigh chafing! The balm dries into a light powder which creates a barrier between your skin and any moisture. Plus, it contains vitamin E too! You can use on your thighs, bikini area, butt – basically anywhere else you might sweat. BTW beauty bloggers use it as well as a makeup primer too!

4. Try this inexpensive anti-chafing homemade remedy 

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Simply mix one and a half parts of coconut oil with one part cornstarch. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil (if you want). Apply the mixture before you head out or store in a travel-friendly container and bring it along whenever you go out!

5. Roll on some skin protectant stick 

Source: Bodyglide/Instagram

You know it’s good when more than 2.5k people take their time out of their lives to write glowing reviews for Bodyglide. Applied like a regular deodorant, you can use it anywhere you need chafing protection. Best part, it’s long-lasting, non-greasy and definitely won’t leave unwanted stains on your clothes.

One Amazon user left this promising review: “This is a miracle product. You don’t feel it once it’s on, but it prevents discomfort and chafing. It doesn’t stain, it doesn’t smell. Like I said, it’s a miracle.”