#TheTwentyTens: The Haute(est) & Weirdest Fashion News Of The Decade

The only constant in the world of fashion is that trends are ever-changing, and sometimes to the extent that it gets pretty bizarre.

Only the most worthy fashion happenings made headlines around the world, and we couldn’t forget them even if we tried, like Justin and Britney’s denim debut.

To end the decade, we bring you the world’s most bizarre and definitive fashion news. You’ll probably remember most of these!

2010 – Lady Gaga & her meat dress

Source: US Magazine | Pinterest

The MTV Video Music Awards was the most talked-about buzz in the fashion industry thanks to Lady Gaga and her infamous meat dress. The dress was made entirely out of raw meat. We have to salute her for wearing it!

2011 – PETA’s Lettuce Dress

Source: TrendHunter | Getty

After Lady Gaga’s meat dress debacle, PETA decided to launch a viral dress of their own – made of lettuce leaves. Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan wore the dress as part of a campaign to encourage people to go vegetarian.

2012 – Harem pants

Source: Style Bistro | Yahoo Style UK

Harem pants had its moment when celebrities like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato started wearing them. Sure, they looked comfortable, but these wide-legged, airy pants were not exactly the most sophisticated style.

2013 – Infinity scarf

Source: Pinterest

The infinity scarf was a giant, never-ending version of a scarf that made its debut with our favourite childhood actress from Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff. She seemed to wear the infinite blanket of fashion everywhere, no matter the weather.

2014 – Very distressed denim

Source: Daily Mail | Pinterest

2014 was the year where ripped jeans came back in trend, but very distressedly. Personally, we don’t think it’s too bad if you can pull it off, like Kim Kardashian, who apparently revived the trend that year.

2015 – Met Gala dresses vs. outfits at the AVN (porn) awards

Source: Reddit

This year, memes of celebrities at the Met Gala surfaced beside those at the AVN awards. Most of them perceived that the AVN attendees were dressed more modestly than those at the Met Gala. We can’t say they were wrong!

2016 – Underbutt ripped jeans

Source: Instagram @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner made headlines when she posted a photo of what was to be the year’s newest fashion fad – cheeky, underbutt ripped jeans. First of all, why? But we’re sure the Jenner sister pulled it off with style, if not elegance.

2017 – Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala

Source: Getty

Kylie’s sister and VS model Kendall Jenner took the “naked” trend to a whole new level with her thong-baring Met Gala dress, which was embellished with 85,000 units of intricately hand-placed crystals.

2018 – Bella Hadid’s tiny sunglasses

Source: Bella Hadid | Pinterest

Supermodel Bella Hadid really loved her tiny sunglasses, but what about regular, non-model people? Not so much. Although Bella probably doesn’t care what others think of her bold fashion statement, tiny sunglasses have been around since the early 2000s.

2019 – James Charles’ Coachella Outfit

Source: Instagram @jamescharles

Beauty Guru James Charles took some notes from Kendall Jenner’s iconic dress and made his own debut into the bizarre fashion world at this year’s Coachella. Our sister got dressed down up in two thong-baring getups and had the Internet shooketh.