#TheTwentyTens: The Evolution Of Social Media In The 2010s

Let’s face it, we’re probably way too addicted to social media. Some of us spend more than 2 hours a day on our devices, scrolling through posts by friends, celebrities and pets. Social media is real life.

We can’t deny that social media is the pioneer of our decade. Hey, you probably have most of these apps on your phone already!

Let’s take a look at how social media evolved throughout the decade.

2010 – Instagram

On October 2010, Instagram launched in the App Store as a simple, only-square photo-sharing app. By December, the app had 1 million users, paving the way for new business opportunities, celebrities, sponsored content and social media culture.

2011 – Snapchat

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In July 2011, Snapchat went live, giving us cute selfie filters and media that can only be shared for 24 hours. Somehow, we enjoyed it.

2012 – Facebook acquires Instagram

Source: Vox

Instagram was worth 1 billion dollars, and Facebook paid for it!

2013 – Twitter

A new kid on the block, Twitter started in 2006 but only got popular in 2013. The app let us “tweet” with a 140-character format, giving us a chance to voice out our thoughts in what would soon be dubbed as “threads.”

2014 – Facebook buys WhatsApp

In a bid to dominate social networking, Facebook bought WhatsApp for 22 million dollars.

2015 – Friendster shuts down

Goodbye, old friend! Remember those themes we’d make on glitterfy? They were so rad.

2016 – LinkedIn grows

Source: Medium

It’s been around since 2012, but as Facebook, Twitter and Google battle hoaxes, LinkedIn was seen as a better way to connect and network with credible people. Plus, the brand was acquired by Microsoft and worked really hard on their products, like LinkedIn Learning and Open Candidates.

2017 – Instagram stories

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Late 2016, Instagram launched Instagram stories, a 24-hour post-sharing format, copying that of SnapChat. Unfortunately, the latter app saw it’s active user base slow down soon after.

2018 – Instagram launches IGTV & e-commerce

Who knew the once-scorned portrait video format would become so popular? Instagram launched IGTV and spurned content creators to post videos longer than 60 seconds. The app also fueled the world of capitalism by birthing it’s e-commerce platform, where users can shop for stuff via photos.

2019 – TikTok

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As Bytedance’s app TikTok grows with more than 500 million active users to date, we’re seeing this app as this year’s most successful and influential. PS: Follow us @wearelikely for wacky, funny videos that all girls will relate to!