#TheTwentyTens: The 10 Sexiest Man Alive Of The Decade

Every single year without fail, People Magazine graces us with its ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ since 1985. They’re basically pros at this! Rest assured, a lot of research and data has been put into the selection of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’.

People’s Editor-in-Chief, Dan Wakeford told CNN, “We’re considering everyone, to begin with. We send calls out to consumers and focus groups, working out who people find sexy. There’s a lot of people on that initial research.” He adds that the concept of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ has evolved and is more than just identifying a celebrity with a handsome face.

In celebration of the #TwentyTens, we’re looking back at the of the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ that have made our decade wet… Drools!
1. Sexiest Man Alive 2019: John Legend 
Dan Wakeford was quoted saying, “It’s not about being a macho, muscled protector, like a cartoon character of the hero, sexy man. John [Legend] is obviously a protector. He stands up to bullies, and he’s very handsome.”
“But being sexy is about being decent, intelligent, funny and talented, and that’s what John is. He’s a family man, he’s a good husband and our readers really respond to that.” Well, any man that treats his lady like how John does for Chrissy is definitely sexy!
2. Sexiest Man Alive 2018: Idris Elba 

Idris Elba was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2018′, an honour which he says has given him a boost of self-confidence. He told People, “I was like, ‘Come on, no way. Really?’ Looked in the mirror, I checked myself out. I was like, ‘Yeah, you are kind of sexy today.’ But to be honest, it was just a nice feeling. It was a nice surprise — an ego boost for sure.”

Looking fine as hell at the age of 46 when he won the title, we’re not surprised!

3. Sexiest Man Alive 2017: Blake Shelton 

Country superstar, Blake Shelton joked to People when he first heard the news saying, “That y’all must be running out of people. Like, Wow, we’re down to somebody who is somewhat symmetrical.”

But he then credits his gurl, Gwen Stefani for helping him embrace the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2017’ and of course, adds that he couldn’t wait to his fellow coach on the ‘Voice’ and winner of ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2013’ Adam Levine. He said, “I can’t wait to shove this up Adam’s ass!”

4. Sexiest Man Alive 2016: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

‘Strength: Smouldering Intensity’ and we simply can’t resist! Dwayne Johnson became the ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2016’ in which he says, “That’s awesome! And then I thought, ‘Wow, we’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle.’ I’m not quite too sure where we go from here. I’ve done it all, this is it.”

Gushing on his honoured title, Dwayne apparently ‘took a lot of time’ to get comfortable in his own skin. He told People, “I was doing a lot of things that I shouldn’t have. I was getting arrested multiple times, but at the same time, always very respectful to my teachers and elders. I was unsure of who I was and who I wanted to be,” Well, Dwayne look at you now, all married with 3 beautiful daughters!

5. Sexiest Man Alive 2015: David Beckham 

Honestly, the British soccer heartthrob has become a sex symbol for nearly two decades but David Beckham says, he isn’t sure if he’s even deserving of the title. He told People, “I never feel that I’m an attractive, sexy person.”

“I mean I like to wear nice clothes and nice suits and look and feel good, but I don’t ever think of myself that way.” Don’t worry Beckham, we’ve always thought of you that way…Till today!

6. Sexiest Man Alive 2014: Chris Hemsworth 

Getting the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2014’ meant something to Chris Hemsworth – He gets to skip diaper duty, at least for a few weeks! He told People, “I think you’ve bought me a couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house. I can just say to her, ‘Now remember, this is what the people think, so I don’t need to do the dishes anymore, I don’t need to change nappies. I’m above that. I’ve made it now.”

But Hemsworth’s amazing bod comes with a price of strict discipline to his diet and exercise. Lucky for his he gets to satisfy his cravings on cheat days, “Then it’s pizza, hamburgers, beer, sugary things. Everything I’m not allowed to have!”

7. Sexiest Man Alive 2013: Adam Levine 

He may be battling with fellow coach, Blake Shelton to be the winning coach on ‘The Voice’ but he won the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2013’!

“As a musician, you have fantasies that you wan

t to win Grammys, but I didn’t really think that this was on the table,” the singer tells People. “I was just amazed and stunned and it almost seemed like they were kidding, but they weren’t, so that’s cool.”

8. Sexiest Man Alive 2012: Channing Tatum 

The year 2012 was huge for Channing Tatum. He starred in ‘The Vow’, ’21 Jump Street’, made us want to ‘Channing all over his Tatum’ in ‘Magic Mike’, preparing for fatherhood and of course, the ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2012!

He said to People, “My first thought was, ‘Y’all are messing with me!” After all these years, you still got it, Channing! (Being a little bias right now, only because he’s a personal favourite)

9. Sexiest Man Alive 2011: Bradley Cooper 

Bradley Cooper caused quite a stir when he was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2011’. He told People, “I think it’s really cool that a guy who doesn’t look like a model can have this [title]. I think I’m a decent-looking guy. Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying.” Well, you can still make any lady swoon with those piercing blue eyes!

10. Sexiest Man Alive 2010: Ryan Reynolds 

The first sexiest man alive who made into the decade of 2010s, Ryan Reynolds is also the first Canadian to be named Sexiest Man Alive.

He said, “The most difficult part is going to be organically working this title into a conversation with random strangers. This gives my family entrée into teasing me for the rest of my life.”