#TheTwentyTens: Skincare’s Greatest Glow-Ups Through The Decade

Skincare is evolutionary, like how we grow up with age. What started with our very first facial scrub has suddenly become a full-on skincare routine as we progressed from childhood, teenage dreams, and finally adulthood.

Skincare itself has also changed since then. While sunblock seemed to be the very first step of the day, other trends have taken it’s place to revolutionalize our need for flawless skin.

Let’s see how skincare has glowed-up through the 2010s.

2010: Sunblock

Source: Unsplash

After years of tanned Baywatch-worthy beauties on screen, the beauty world suddenly changed it’s tone and got real about sun-protection, hence encouraging the use of sunblock anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky, so brands like Clinique started releasing products to reverse sun damage.

2011: Men’s skincare

Source: Rawpixel

Men need skincare as much as women do, and they realized that in 2011, as their collection began to grow with cleansers, moisturisers and lip balm.

2012: DIY skincare

Who could forget the year of banana-and-yoghurt masks, toothpaste for spot treatments, shea butter for lip balm, and lemon water to exfoliate your skin? 2012 was the year of DIY skincare, which was more affordable than actual skincare products. Thanks, capitalism!

2013: Makeup with skincare benefits

Source: Open Letr

This year, consumers became more aware of skincare benefits – so why not wear it all the time? Makeup with skincare benefits like tinted moisturiser, mascara formulated with eyelash serum and anti-acne makeup went full-force and embraced this trend.

2014: Beauty tools

When Foreo launched it’s first facial-cleansing brush in the previous year, the brand wouldn’t have guessed that it changed the landscape of beauty for the decade. Soon, facial cleansing and massaging tools like the jade roll and gua sha too became much sought-after.

2015: Water sleeping masks

These sleeping masks are not glamourous patches that hover over your eyes as you sleep. Korean beauty brand Laneige launched it’s very first water sleeping mask and the world has taken applying a layer of gel moisturiser before going to bed at night.

2016: Gold-infused skincare

Source: Peter Thomas Roth

Luxury skincare brands like Peter Thomas Roth and La Prairie started rolling out their collections of 24K gold-infused products, including masks, cleansing butter, and gel eye patches.

2017: 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

Source: @skuukzky IG

As K-wave took over the world, many began to ask Korean celebrities, “What’s your secret to glowing/ glass skin?” And soon enough, the answer would soon become a fad that everyone has to try, the 10-step skincare routine, which started with double cleansing, exfoliating, toning, applying essence, serum, sheet masks, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen. Phew! What a workout!

2018: Clean beauty

Source: beautypackaging.com

As the decade is almost coming to a close, consumers became more aware of what goes into making their beauty products. Is it paraben-free and cruelty-free? Is it natural? Does it have microbeads? Consequently, beauty brands soon followed suit, especially after the ban on microbeads in the UK, with clean, cruelty-free beauty products and a promise to make their brand 100% bunny-approved.

2019: Skip-care

It’s only been 2 years but 10 steps of skincare can really take a toll on you! As the KonMari movement became popular, skincare enthusiasts too, began to choose skip-care over skincare, using only the minimal amount of products that they need – cleanser, toner and moisturiser, max.