#TheTwentyTens: Iconic Hairstyles That Shaped Our Decade

Our hair is such a big part of the decade, could you remember what your hair looked like 10 years ago? Maybe it was in a pixie cut or a bob – either way, you were bound to have one of these hairstyles.

From bouncy blowouts to dip dyes, it seems like our hair has a story untold – a tale of how style evolves through time, trends and people.

To wrap up the decade, we bring you the 10 iconic hairstyles that made us – and the celebrities that popularised them.

1. 2010 – The Pixie Cut

Source: Vogue | Pinterest

Many celebrities including Carey Mulligan, Rihanna and Tyra banks have experimented with this hairstyle but none have been more iconic than Emma Watson. When the filming of Harry Potter ended, Emma Watson chopped off Hermione’s soft curls and opted for an edgy pixie cut. Needless to say, the world was astounded at her transformation.

2. 2011 – The Bouncy Blowout

Source: Good Housekeeping

Popularised by the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton was the icon that held this much-coveted hairstyle together in the year that followed when her engagement to Prince William was announced in November 2010. Kate had a long hair styled in a sleek, bouncy blowout with round curls at the end and curtain bangs.

3. 2012 – Topknots

Source: Pinterest | Getty

Basically a dressed-up (and impressive) version of a messy bun, the topknot stormed it’s way into 2012 and sealed it’s fate as one of the year’s most iconic hairstyles. Supermodel Cara Delevigne spent a lot of red-carpet time with this simple, yet sophisticated hairstyle – sometimes in two buns, when she’s feeling it.

4. 2013 – Bangs

Source: Fine Art America | Getty

Hair trends for 2013 started with bangs, and it began with America’s Next Top Model mogul Tyra Banks, who used the style to try and cover up her signature fivehead. She had them cut blunt and flaxen, but sported them with other styles too, like layered and with a ponytail.

5. 2014 – Teal blue tips

Source: Glamour | Pinterest

While the world was hung up on subtle hair colours, Kylie Jenner was probably the first celebrity to dip dye the tips of her hair in teal blue. Soon, we’ll see the world start to embrace un-natural (but totally cool!) hair colours.

6. 2015 – Grey hair

Source: Glamour | Today’s Show

Silver or grey hair, once the epitome of women’s greatest fear, suddenly became our greatest desire. No hairstyle would look better than lifted, platinum silver-grey hair. At the 2015 Grammys, Lady Gaga matched her grey hair to her metallic gown – we call this look iconic!

7. 2016 – Pink hair

Source: Stylecaster

When grey hair was the trend the year before, it’s only natural for the hair-world to find a kindred spirit in whatever’s the opposite – and in this case, it’s pink hair. Rose quartz was also colour of the year for 2016, so it makes sense that some hair-raising trends should come out of it. Hailey Baldwin got us so obsessed with the look!

8. 2017 – Short crop

Source: W Magazine | Pinterest

Long, dyed locks got our hair so stressed that we started going short again, thanks to #ShortHairDontCare. Celebrities like Zoë Kravitz, Cara Delevigne and Kristen Stewart proudly rocked the chop on their respective red carpets. It made us want to chop our tresses too, so we can grow them back strong, healthy and natural again.

9. 2018 – Natural curls

Source: Instagram @zendaya


Curly hair had it’s iconic moments in 2018. Celebrities, including the year’s breakout star, Zendaya embraced their natural, wild curls, all the way to her little bangs. Curly hair speaks volumes!

10. 2019 – The statement bob

Source: Instagram @dualipa | Getty

Short hair is back! Popularised by award-winning UK singer Dua Lipa, the statement bob reigns supreme this year. Few layers equal to a neat hairstyle that’s sleek and red-carpet ready all the time.