#TheTwentyTens: To All The Dating Trends We’ve Loved Before

OK, so you probably didn’t exactly love this decade’s dating trends.

After all, the 2010s heartbreaks included being ghosted, overlapped and kittenfished. The existence of social media made it all the more easier.

To wrap up your love life, we’ll bring you the most popular dating trends of the decade. Whew! At least you made it out alive, if not unscathed.

2010 – Catfishing

As social media starts to become more popular, people begin catfishing to find dates and other benefits. Unfortunately, catfishing refers to incidences when someone steals another’s identity to flirt with someone else. At the end of the decade, we’re seeing less of catfishing, but perhaps it’s because people have become more vigilant by now.

2011 – Overlapping

Overlapping has always been a thing in relationships – people start new relationships when they want to all the time, without ending their previous relationships. Of course, as texting grew in popularity because we didn’t have to pay for every word sent, it became easier to start a new relationship over the phone without one’s partner knowing.

2012 – Dating apps

Source: CNET

Dating apps, mainly Tinder, was created in 2012 and it started a whole new generation of finding love, despair, and hookups. Tinder simply made it easier to meet other people – all you have to do is swipe right, and start a conversation. Whether they’re actually single or not is an entirely different story.

2013 – Slide into DMs

As Instagram introduced it’s direct message feature for the first time, people started “sliding into DMs” to introduce themselves, give a compliment or two, and maybe even find love.

2014 – Relationship contracts

If you thought contracts are a thing for marriages only, think again! Relationship contracts surged in popularity back in 2014 due to people wanting to pursue more “serious” relationships in the digital age.

2015 – Ghosting

Before 2015, people just “faded away.” But in 2015, the term “ghosting” became more popular due to the fact that people disappeared so much from texts and our sad dating lives, we just had to give the inactivity it’s own adjective. Ghosting is when someone doesn’t reply to your texts or fades away from your life without notice. Sounds almost too familiar, eh?

2016 – “Netflix and chill”

As Netflix’s streaming service got ever the more popular among millennials, the “Netflix and chill” meme appeared, along with it’s innuendo-like connotation. According to most millennials, if you’re Netflix and chilling with your date, you’re definitely doing something worthy of a smug emoji.

2017 – Kittenfishing

Thanks fo filters from Instagram and Snapchat, Kittenfishing is the dating trend that made it’s way ’round in 2017. When you kittenfish for love, you’re using your own identity, coupled with heavily-edited photos for extra brownie points.

2018 – Throning

Inspired by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, throning happens when one person dates another in order to mutually elevate their social status. Not everyone is thronically functional, though. Be careful of your date’s intentions so you don’t become a victim of throning, in this millennial age where social status kinda matters.

2019 – IRL Dating

Meeting someone in real life just got way hotter. Although the rise of dating apps made it easier for us to date people, it hasn’t actually made finding true love any less difficult. Millennials are looking to date people they meet IRL instead of going on a swipe-fest.