#TheTwentyTens: The 2010s Shoes That Put Our Best Foot Forward

Life is short, so why wear boring shoes? Apparently, that’s the fashion mantra that people of the 2010s seemed to hold on to.

Wacky shoes were a thing, but so were strangely sophisticated show-stoppers.

Let’s bring you on a journey with the decade’s most defining shoes.

2010 – Ten-inch heels

Source: Getty

No-one could revolutionize the shoe world like Lady Gaga and her ten-inch platforms.

2011 – Curved wedges

Source: UrbanOG

Please don’t fall! Curved wedges were the shoe trend of 2011. Looks like Lady Gaga’s footwear-related legacy lives on, one year after.

2012 – Wedge sneakers

Source: Glamour Paris | Pinterest

Most shoe designers thought the existence of wedge sneakers was insufferable because it made the sneakers themselves not functional any more, but hey, we think it looks great (and adds height!)

2013 – Cat loafers

Source: Macys

These ameowzing, almost androgynous shoes reigned supreme in 2013.

2014 – “Ugly” shoes

Source: Free People

Dubbed as “ugly” shoes, these sandals put comfort first, before style, and that’s a first in the fashion world. 2014 – the year of comfort included pool sliders and Birkenstocks.

2015 – Gladiator sandals

Source: Footwear News

British print media The Telegraph described the fashion world as “slaves” to the almighty gladiator sandals. The Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik collab was particularly significant.

2016 – Chunky sneakers

Source: Journeys.com

Nicknamed an “orthopaedic dream,” chunky sneakers had their moment when sportswear brand Fila, disrupted the shoe industry, literally, with the unabashedly large, white Fila Disruptor II.

2017 – Platform crocs

On October 2017, Balenciaga revealed their infamous collection of embellished platform crocs that retails for RM3500.

2018 – Fluffy slides

Source: Pinterest

When supermodel Bella Hadid stepped out in fluffy slides, little did she know the world will never be the same again.

2019 – Clear plastic heels

Source: Seventeen Magazine

Kylie Jenner’s clear plastic heels took the internet (and our hearts) by storm. What’s not to love about looking almost au-naturel?